These new smart glasses put a 500-nit, 330-inch screen on your eyes

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Alan Truly

By Alan Truly October 24, 2023 5:00AM

An exploded position shows Xreal Air 2 Pro's electrochromic lenses.Xreal

Xreal (formerly Nreal) conscionable announced nan 2nd procreation of its celebrated smart glasses, nan Xreal Air 2. The caller exemplary is moreover lighter and features brighter displays pinch higher density. The Xreal Air 2 is compatible pinch a wide assortment of laptops, computers, phones, and gaming devices, providing a ample virtual surface successful a compact and easy-to-carry brace of glasses.

Like galore akin smart glasses, nan Xreal Air 2 are meant to replicate virtual screens correct successful your glasses without nan request for aggregate monitors.

Compared to nan Xreal Air, nan Air 2’s displays are 25% brighter, pinch amended colour fidelity. They should besides beryllium much comfortable and look much for illustration normal glasses since Xreal managed to trim nan weight and thickness pinch nan caller design.

Virtual screens graphically shown successful beforehand of a female connected a couch.Xreal

The detachable shades that dim ambient ray look for illustration regular sunglasses. A caller Air 2 Pro exemplary has adjustable electrochromic shades pinch 3 inheritance dimming positions, including 99.9% black. There are achromatic and reddish colour options, positive Xreal’s Kaleido Kit offers a prime of six colorful skins to customize nan quality of your Air 2 smart glasses.

At conscionable 72 grams (2.5oz), nan Air 2 is 10% lighter than nan original model. That mightiness not look for illustration a large difference, but that weight rests mostly connected your nose, pinch immoderate connected your ears, truthful each small spot helps. The earpieces now flex, which intends they should fresh much comfortably connected various caput shapes and sizes. Softer chemoreceptor pads thief relieve immoderate unit connected your nose.

As a show and TV replacement, nan Xreal Air 2’s screens request to beryllium bright. They proviso up to 500 nits of brightness, 25% much than nan original Air glasses, while gathering TÜV Rheinland standards for limiting bluish ray and flickering to protect oculus health. The refresh complaint tin spell arsenic precocious arsenic 120Hz.

Two models thin heads connected nan other's enarthrosis to show Xreal Air 2 successful achromatic and red.Xreal

Using nan latest Sony micro-OLED technology, colour exceeds nan SRGB colour gamut pinch a show manufacture modular gamma of 2.2. The Xreal Air 2’s improved displays should look much for illustration a ample HD monitor, pinch due opposition and colour saturation.

Xreal says nan position is balanced to a 330-inch surface astatine six meters. That’s a subjective measurement, of course, since you mightiness comprehend nan virtual surface arsenic person than personification else. A much meticulous metric is nan 46-degree section of view. A ample HD surface fills your cardinal position erstwhile plugged into a instrumentality that supports USB-C Alt mode.

Audio is reportedly enhanced to trim sound leakage and amended spatial separation. Movies should sound amended and go much immersive.

You tin move your caput to spot up to 3 virtual monitors adjacent your laptop.

Like nan Nreal Air, nan Xreal Air 2 smart glasses activity pinch Nebula, a virtual AR desktop app for nan Mac and PC. With Nebula, you tin move your caput to spot up to 3 virtual monitors adjacent your laptop. There’s besides a Nebula app for Android phones, but it presents an ultrawide show that appears arsenic you move to either side.

Most of nan smart glasses I’ve tested deficiency spatial awareness, truthful nan virtual surface locks to nan halfway of your position nary matter wherever you look. That isn’t ever bad, but it’s bully to person nan action to move distant and interact pinch others.

In July, Xreal launched an accessory called Beam that makes its Air smart glasses compatible pinch a wider assortment of devices and anchors 1 virtual surface successful place. The Xreal Air 2 useful pinch Beam and different adapters, truthful you tin link to astir computers, phones, and handheld gaming consoles.

The Xreal Air 2 smart glasses are now disposable to preorder for $399 and should beryllium connected Amazon by November and should vessel by mid-to-late November. Xreal will besides connection an Air 2 Pro exemplary that includes adjustable electrochromic shades and costs $449.

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