These sleek new Threadripper workstations pack up to 4 GPUs

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There are absolutely a few custom PC builders to accept from, but what if your needs extend above aloof a able gaming PC? Maingear has a solution, acknowledgment to its new ambit of high-end prebuilt systems tailored for professionals spanning assorted industries.

The company’s new Pro WS alternation includes a accumulating of desktop workstations advised to excel in the best ambitious tasks. The aggregation says that these systems accept been tailored for bold developers, photo editors, clear designers, videographers, 3D apprehension artists, music producers, CAD engineers, abstracts scientists, and AI/Machine Learning developers.

Maingear currently has a absolute of three workstation options that can be customized according to your needs. As per the company, you can alike configure it with the anew launched Threadripper 7000 CPUs.

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The aboriginal one is the Pro WS which comes in a accepted mid-tower design. It is configured in Fractal Design’s North mid-tower anatomy with affected wood-finish panels on the front. You can opt for a bottle or cobweb ancillary console while amount accouterments options accommodate the latest Intel Core or AMD Ryzen CPUs, commutual with bifold Nvidia RTX 6000 GPUs for appalling cartoon performance. If you bethink Maingear recently launched two custom gaming PC options in affiliation with Fractal Design and Noctua.

Maingear's new Pro WS custom workstation PC series.
Cooling for the CPU is handled by Noctua alternating with added case fans, ensuring optimal temperature management, while anamnesis options for up to 128GB of DDR5. Storage needs are met with choices amid Samsung 990 NVMe SSDs (1-4TB options) or Seagate IronWolf HDDs (8-16TB options). To handle all the ambitious accouterments there is a 1600W PSU while operating arrangement options accommodate Windows 11 Pro, Linux, or a dual-boot setup. As a attestation to its reliability, the ProWS is backed by a 2-year Pro Solutions Warranty, with the advantage to advancement to a 3-year warranty.

The Pro WS Max and Pro RS are categorized as acute achievement workstations advised to axle broadcast achievement capabilities and are configurable with some of the best almighty components. The ProWS Max, housed in the Define 7 XL anatomy from Fractal Design, offers a abounding belfry solution, while the Pro RS, in a 4U rackmount anatomy factor, is based on the Silverstone RM44 chassis.

The Maingear Pro WS Max custom workstation PC.Maingear

The CPU choices are diverse, alignment from the latest Intel Core, Intel Xeon, AMD Ryzen, AMD Ryzen Threadripper, or AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro, for top-of-the-line processing power. Graphics capabilities are appropriately impressive, acknowledging up to 4x Nvidia A4000 or A5000 GPUs or up to 3x RTX 6000 GPUs.

Once afresh we accept cooling solutions from Noctua to ensure able thermals, while the anamnesis accommodation is doubled, activity up to 256GB of DDR5. Storage options beset Samsung 990 NVMe SSDs with capacities alignment from 1-4TB or Seagate IronWolf HDDs alignment from 8-16TB. You get agnate ability options as the Pro WS including a 1600W PSU while operating arrangement choices accommodate Windows 11 Pro, Linux, or a dual-boot configuration. These workstations additionally appear with a 2-year Pro Solutions Warranty, with the advantage to advancement to a 3-year assurance for continued accord of mind.

Pricing for these high-end systems has not been disclosed, but there is a configurator that is accessible on Maingear’s official website.

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