These Sony noise-canceling headphones are more than 50% off

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Sony's WH-XB910N noise-canceling wireless headphones.Sony / Sony

If you want your adjacent acquisition from headphone deals to travel pinch sound cancelling, you should group your sights connected nan Sony WH-XB910N. In 1 of Best Buy’s early Black Friday deals, nan wireless headphones are down to a very affordable $120, which is little than half their sticker value of $250. There’s nary telling really overmuch clip is remaining connected this $130 discount though, and erstwhile it disappears, we’re not judge if you’ll get different chance astatine it during nan upcoming shopping holiday. To get nan noise-canceling headphones for overmuch cheaper than usual, you should proceed pinch nan acquisition arsenic soon arsenic you can.

Why you should bargain nan Sony WH-XB910N noise-canceling headphones

The Sony WH-XB910N aren’t arsenic powerful arsenic nan Sony WH-1000XM5, which beryllium connected apical of our roundup of nan best headphones and featured successful our database of nan best noise-canceling headphones, but they’re an affordable brace of wireless headphones that connection active sound cancellation. They usage feedforward and feedback mics connected each broadside to beryllium capable to artifact outer sounds, truthful you tin attraction connected your task astatine manus aliases connected nan euphony that you’re listening to. If you request to talk to someone, you tin activate Quick Attention mode by placing your manus complete nan correct earcup — this lowers nan measurement and deactivates ANC truthful you tin pass without having to return disconnected nan wireless headphones.

The comfortable synthetic leather and building of nan soft, oval-shaped earpads will let you to deterioration nan Sony WH-XB910N noise-canceling headphones nan full day, which is imaginable because they tin past up to 30 hours connected a azygous charge. The wireless headphones are besides compatible pinch Amazon’s Alexa aliases Google Assistant, which you tin telephone pinch a elemental touch, among nan different controls that you tin entree connected nan touch sheet astatine their side.

The Sony WH-XB910N noise-canceling headphones are featured successful 1 of nan astir charismatic Sony headphone deals successful nan marketplace correct now. Best Buy has slashed their value to little than half pinch a $130 discount connected their original value of $250, making them highly affordable astatine conscionable $120. They’re not going to enactment this inexpensive for long, moreover arsenic portion of nan retailer’s early Black Friday deals, truthful to make judge that you don’t miss out, you’re going to person to complete nan transaction without hesitation.

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