This airline is first to offer in-flight AR glasses

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Alan Truly

By Alan Truly February 12, 2024 4:29PM

A young rider wears Rokid Max smart glasses during a flight.A young rider wears Rokid Max smart glasses during a flight. Rokid

Sick of those mini seatback screens connected agelong flights? Thanks to a caller business betwixt Rokid and Hainan Airlines, that could go a point of nan past. Instead of small, glare-streaked LCDs, you could beryllium enjoying a elephantine virtual show erstwhile you don futuristic smart glasses while flying.

China’s Hainan Airlines loaned pairs of Rokid Entertainment Kits to passengers of formation HU7874 connected February 7, 2024, which made it nan world’s first AR formation according to nan Rokid property release. The exertion isn’t new, but this business could beryllium nan opening of a alteration for in-flight movies and games.

Upgrading a fleet of craft pinch thousands of small, built-in screens and intermezo systems tin beryllium very costly and time-consuming. By comparison, Rokid Entertainment Kits supply an instant upgrade to monolithic displays and connection a overmuch wider action of in-flight contented for immoderate airplane.

The AR package included Rokid Max smart glasses and a Rokid Station preloaded pinch respective 3D movies that tin beryllium viewed without an net connection. I recovered nan operation of Rokid Max and Rokid Station to beryllium a awesome solution for contented consumption.

Rokid Max and Rokid Station are shown successful usage connected an Hainan Airline flight.Rokid Max and Rokid Station are shown successful usage connected a Hainan Airline flight. Rokid

Rokid Station is an Android TV instrumentality that tin link to a assortment of streaming services, play downloaded videos, and besides tally games and apps. It includes a artillery that tin powerfulness nan Rokid Max smart glasses for respective hours.

By providing some devices to passengers, Hainan Airlines gave each personification a backstage cinema acquisition to thief walk nan clip connected nan two- to three-hour formation from Shenzhen to Xi’an. Since nan Rokid Max includes a diopter adjustment, nan smart glasses will activity for astir people, moreover if they deterioration medicine lenses.

It would beryllium awesome to spot a akin characteristic travel to U.S. airlines. There’s besides a chance AR glasses could beryllium paving nan measurement to windowless rider airplanes, which would trim noise, amended efficiency, and make nan craft much durable.

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