This all-in-one Canon printer is small, simple, and surprisingly cheap

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Canon's Pixma TS6420a handles double-sided archive printing reliably.

Canon Pixma TS6420a

MSRP $130.00

“The Canon Pixma TS6420a is simply a awesome individual printer pinch scan and transcript capabilities, but ink costs will adhd up quickly if you people often.”


  • Great photograph prints
  • Fast for a fund printer
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Low upfront cost
  • Easy setup


  • Black ink is expensive
  • Tricolor cartridge wastes ink

The Canon Pixma TS6420a is simply a low-cost all-in-one printer that mightiness beryllium cleanable for your home. Beyond nan friends price, it’s mini and lightweight, making it easy to group up and move astir if you determine to reorganize your workspace.

With each caller printer, you person to return a infinitesimal to see really good it fits your needs. A engaged agency will want a rugged, high-volume business printer, while this Canon Pixma TS6420a seems for illustration a amended individual printer. The bottommost statement is value and value, truthful let’s spot really good Canon’s fund printer performs and really quickly ink costs accumulate.


Canon's Pixma TS6420a is simply a compact and nice-looking printer.Canon’s Pixma TS6420a is simply a compact and nice-looking printer. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The Canon Pixma TS6420a mightiness beryllium nan shortest printer I’ve ever tested, opinionated conscionable 6-inches tall. The main insubstantial tray and output bin are placed astatine nan front, and pinch its 14-inch depth, nan printer is usable connected a heavy shelf. The weight is conscionable 13.8 pounds.

The rear tray raises upward for photograph prints, heavier paper, and envelopes, raising nan printer tallness to 11.25 inches. If you scheme to put it connected a support aliases nether a cabinet, you’ll request astatine slightest 16.25 inches of vertical abstraction to unfastened nan apical lid of this all-in-one printer’s flatbed scanner. The width is 16 inches, making this a mini printer overall.

Canon gave nan Pixma TS6420a an charismatic two-tone shading, and it’s disposable successful 2 colour options. I tested nan gray-on-black printer. Canon besides sells a white-on-light-gray style, truthful you tin take nan colour that blends champion pinch your decor.

The black-and-white show is mini astatine 1.4 inches, but easy to spot since nan power sheet tilts up. The paper layout is elemental to understand and navigate, pinch large, intelligibly branded buttons connected either broadside of nan display.

Canon Pixma TS6420a's power sheet is easy to understand.Canon Pixma TS6420a’s power sheet is easy to understand. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The main insubstantial tray is astatine nan beforehand bottommost and tin clasp 100 sheets. The rear tray besides has a 100-sheet capacity, truthful you won’t request to reload often unless you move to different type of paper.

The main tray comes retired entirely, which is nice. To adhd paper, I had to region a mini cover. That’s not a problem, but replacing nan screen requires aligning nan edges, which is simply a flimsy annoyance. If nan creation included a hinge, adding insubstantial would beryllium overmuch easier.

Printing performance

Canon's Pixma TS6420a is simply a awesome photograph printer.Canon’s Pixma TS6420a is simply a awesome photograph printer. Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

The Canon Pixma TS6420a has awesome people value for a low-cost all-in-one printer. Photos are agleam and sharp, pinch meticulous colors, while matter is crisp and easy to read.

With fund inkjets, pictures often person a flimsy colour cast. The Pixma TS6420a has bully colour fidelity erstwhile utilizing glossy aliases matte photograph paper. Photo prints person bully item and vibrant colour successful nan correct places, making this 1 of nan champion four-color printers I’ve tried.

Borderless printing useful arsenic expected, and a assortment of media is supported. However, nan Pixma TS6420a doesn’t grip photos good connected plain paper, truthful take matte aliases glossy photograph paper.

For amended pictures, you’d request to get a printer designed for photographic prints. The champion photograph printers usage 5 aliases much ink colors to supply much midrange item and smoother gradations.

Print velocity is bully for an entry-level printer. Monochrome printing outputs 13 pages per minute, truthful you tin get done agelong documents aliases tally copies quickly. Depending connected really sparse aliases dense nan page is, you’ll beryllium capable to people astir 7 colour documents each minute. And 4×6 photograph prints are speedy arsenic well, finishing successful astir 43 seconds.

Alan Truly tests nan Pixma TS6420a's letter cover printing capability.Alan Truly tests nan Pixma TS6420a’s envelope-printing capability. Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Envelopes, 4×6 photograph paper, and heavier insubstantial load successful nan rear tray and people well. Printing envelopes from a mobile instrumentality is often frustrating, but nan Canon Pixma TS6420a handled that task pinch nary trouble. Double-sided (duplex) printing worked reliably arsenic well.

Special features

Alan Truly scans immoderate photos pinch nan Pixma TS6420a.Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

The Canon Pixma TS6420a is an all-in-one printer that tin copy, scan, and print. Copying is speedy and easy from nan instrumentality utilizing nan power sheet buttons and display. In astir 17 seconds, a page afloat of photos rolls out, looking almost arsenic bully arsenic nan original.

Scanning solution is up to 600 dots per inch pinch a computer, but I could only scan astatine 300 dpi erstwhile utilizing nan mobile app. Still, nan scan value looked good, and it was quick.

The Pixma TS6420a doesn’t see an automatic archive feeder to scan aliases transcript aggregate pages astatine once. If that’s important to you, cheque our database of nan champion all-in-one printers to find a exemplary pinch one.

Budget value trade-offs

Alan Truly checks ink levels connected nan Pixma TS6420a.Alan Truly checks ink levels connected nan Pixma TS6420a. Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

The Canon Pixma TS6420a retails for $130, but tin beryllium recovered for good nether $100. Where you really salary is successful semipermanent ink costs. It’s a well-known trade-off erstwhile you buy an inexpensive printer.

Canon sells a worth battalion pinch colour and achromatic cartridges for $40. The mean ink costs for each page erstwhile ordering this bundle is astir 10 cents. The high-capacity worth battalion costs much (about $55), but has importantly much ink, knocking a fewer much cents off. At best, you’ll mean astir 7.5 cents per page.

However, nan worth packs are only redeeming money if you tally retired of achromatic and colour cartridges astatine nan aforesaid time. Inevitably, you’ll request to bid a achromatic aliases a tri-color cartridge separately.

High-capacity cartridges (PG260 XL and CL261 XL) past for astir 400 achromatic and 300 colour pages, respectively. Canon doesn’t database nan output of modular cartridges, but I utilized nan ink measurement versus nan XL cartridges to estimate 210 achromatic pages and 204 colour pages.

The costs per page for individual achromatic cartridges is 8 to 9 cents per page, and each colour archive costs 10 to 12 cents. That’s expensive, peculiarly for nan achromatic ink. The tri-color cartridge is simply a wasteful creation since it’s improbable you’ll tally retired of cyan, magenta, and yellowish astatine nan aforesaid time.

Is this nan printer for you?

The Canon Pixma TS6420a has fantabulous people quality, comparatively speedy performance, and is easy to use. Photos are amazingly crisp, pinch awesome colour for a four-color printer. Scanning and copying are fast, and nan insubstantial trays are well-designed.

The mini footprint and ray weight make this a bully action for a individual printer for nan location aliases school, wherever you mightiness want to move it around.

The ink is my only title astir this all-in-one printer. The achromatic ink is much costly than most, and nan colour cartridge is simply a three-in-one that’s almost guaranteed to discarded immoderate ink.

If you aren’t judge astir nan Canon Pixma TS6420a, you mightiness want to cheque retired our database of different apical printers.

That intends this is simply a bully printer for low-volume individual use. When you request to people successful black-and-white often, arsenic good arsenic respective photos, nan ink costs will adhd up successful a hurry.

If you only people a fewer photos a month, positive immoderate letters, documents, and labels, Canon’s fund printer could beryllium perfect. The Pixma TS6420a is simply a awesome photograph printer and a good, reliable all-in-one.

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