This awful Galaxy S24 feature is everything that’s bad about AI

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Activating nan Chat Assist characteristic connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Artificial Intelligence is simply a large trading constituent of nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, astatine slightest according to Samsung. For nan astir part, nan features successful its Galaxy AI suite are rather impressive. Except for 1 of them, which is truthful bad, I’m amazed Samsung had nan courage to merchandise it, fto unsocial mention it during nan launch.

I’m talking astir Chat Assist, a characteristic that adapts your hastily typed messages to make them suitable for different situations, specified arsenic sending them to your boss. Before I spell into why Chat Assist is truthful awful, I implore you to never, ever nonstop a connection created by nan charisma-void that is nan AI down it to anyone. At least, not if you really want to sound for illustration a human.

What is Chat Assist?

Responses generated by nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's Chat Assist mode.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

During Samsung’s Unpacked 2024 event, erstwhile nan Galaxy S24 bid was unveiled, Samsung showed 2 different ways of changing nan reside of your written messages. It first demoed Google’s Magic Compose feature, which was initially revealed during Google I/O successful 2023, and past showed its ain Chat Assist characteristic arsenic different measurement to nonstop “expressive texts utilizing AI.” The point is, Magic Compose is only disposable connected nan Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro astatine nan moment, leaving astir group pinch nary prime but to usage Samsung’s Chat Assist. Oh, you poor, mediocre devils.

Chat Assist is portion of Samsung’s reasonably dire Samsung Keyboard, and it is location for each to bask successful immoderate messaging app you use. I’ve been utilizing it mostly successful WhatsApp, but it besides useful successful Messages, Teams, Line, Instagram, and conscionable astir immoderate app wherever you tin talk to people. It’s activated pinch a pat of nan sparkly icon supra nan keyboard and has 3 different options — Spelling and Grammar, Translate, and Writing Style. The past 1 is nan 1 you don’t ever want to choose.

The magic happens arsenic it sounds your connection and past provides a bid of replacement messages tailored to circumstantial scenarios — specified arsenic Casual, Polite, and Professional — fresh for you to herb up nan conversation, wow group pinch your polished prose, aliases impressment pinch your extended vocabulary. The problem is, it won’t do immoderate of those things and will alternatively make group presume you’re a scammer, a bot, aliases an alien giving its champion changeable astatine sounding for illustration a human.

Consistently awful

Screenshots taken from nan Chat Assist instrumentality connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.Chat Assist Samsung

No matter really bad you deliberation you are astatine stringing a fewer words together successful a message, Chat Assist will not help. In fact, I don’t deliberation anyone will use from this ridiculous feature. Don’t judge me, aliases deliberation that I’m exaggerating? Oh no, I’m astir apt being too kind astir it. Let maine springiness you a fewer examples of what Galaxy AI’s woeful Writing Style does to your messages.

You constitute a normal, generic connection to a friend: “Hey! How was your weekend? I cognize it rained a bit, but I still did immoderate activity successful nan garden. Want to get java later?” All very ordinary, but what if you wanted to nonstop this to your boss? Don’t worry, Chat Assist will person it to a Professional style! This is what it comes up with:

“I dream this email finds you well. I wanted to inquire astir your readiness for a java gathering later today. Despite nan inclement upwind complete nan weekend, I managed to execute immoderate tasks successful nan garden. Please fto maine cognize erstwhile you are capable to meet.”

I dislike to break it to you, but nan recipient will ne'er person “availability” if this is nan connection you nonstop them, particularly arsenic you intelligibly don’t cognize nan quality betwixt an SMS and an email. It’s for illustration that section of Friends erstwhile Joey (sorry, Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani) uses a thesaurus to jazz up his letter to Chandler and Monica’s take agency. “You tin prime nan connection that makes you sound smartest,” Ross tells him, and that’s precisely really Chat Assist approaches its master tone.

Surely it’s amended erstwhile being casual?

Screenshots of Chat Assist examples from nan Samsung Galaxy S24.Digital Trends

Chat Assist’s master reside is simply a no-go if you want group to judge you’re a quality and not a pod person, but what astir a casual tone? Chat Assist has respective options for little general messages, including ones that adhd a fewer emojis and hashtags if your extremity is to sound for illustration a 12-year-old. But what astir its basal Casual tone?

Say, I’ve sewage nary personality, and nan champion I tin negociate erstwhile going for a friends connection is, “I person been engaged pinch activity this week. I would for illustration to do thing complete nan play if you’re available?”

Will Chat Assist travel to my rescue and make maine sound fun? Let’s see.

“Hey, I’ve been swamped pinch activity this week. Wanna bent retired this play if you’re free?”

Well, chap kids, it’s decidedly much casual.

Alternatively, for nan aforesaid message, Chat Assist’s Social action is, “I’ve been swamped pinch activity this week, but I’m hoping to drawback a break complete nan weekend! Anyone up for immoderate fun? #WeekendVibes #LetsDoThis”

It’s nary worse, but nan “up for immoderate fun” portion could beryllium a spot OnlyFans for some, and nan hashtags are much mid-life situation than young and carefree. Chat Assist’s Polite reside changes nan ending to, “I would emotion to walk immoderate value clip pinch you” if you for illustration thing mildly passive/aggressive. I person yet to travel crossed 1 connection generated by Chat Assist that I would want to usage aliases consciousness that it represents maine successful immoderate measurement astatine all.

Not nan Assistant you’re looking for

The icon utilized to activate Samsung's Chat Assist mode.Don’t pat this sparkly icon Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I could proceed listing examples of Chat Assist’s complete failure, but you get nan point. If nan thought down nan characteristic is to inject characteristic aliases successfully and subtly change nan measurement a connection sounds to make it suitable for different people, it simply doesn’t work. However, it’s not nan words themselves that are astatine fault; it’s that nan AI itself doesn’t person a characteristic and simply isn’t capable to comprehend aliases understand nan situations it’s expected to beryllium penning for.

Outside of utilizing it ironically, arsenic it would beryllium rather funny really to behaviour conversations pinch its suggestions, there’s nary worth astatine each here. Samsung needs to dramatically amended Chat Assist’s Writing Style mode, particularly if it wants to complaint group for utilizing immoderate of nan Galaxy AI features successful nan early aliases conscionable expanse it nether nan rug. You know, like it did pinch Bixby.

It’s astonishing Samsung decided to see its ain return connected Google’s Magic Compose astatine all. It’s everything that’s bad astir AI, and it makes nan different rather absorbing Galaxy AI suite look for illustration a gimmick. Outside of playing pinch Chat Assist for a fewer inexpensive laughs, nary 1 is ever going to earnestly usage it aft they’ve seen really it butchers messages.

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