This change to my multi-monitor setup was totally worth it

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Man application bifold adviser accoutrements on his desk.HUANUO

After-market adviser accoutrements are one of those “upgrades” you can accomplish that I never saw the charge for. I mean, I’ve already spent several hundred dollars on a nice adviser for assignment and gaming, why would I absorb addition $50 on a angle for it to alter the altogether acceptable one the awning came with?

It turns out that the acknowledgment is because they’re aloof better. And not in the $1,000-Apple-stand bigger affectionate of way. Just that bit better. And back you’re on a quest to abate aback pain in your office, you’ll try aloof about anything.

So my latest adventure was replacing my adviser stands with a third-party solution. And I ambition I’d done it years ago.

You can move your adviser absolutely area you want

I’m a big fan of multi-monitor setups. They’re abundant for advocacy abundance and for giving you a acceptable attending at Discord or a Wiki folio while gaming. I adulation it so much that agents biographer Jacob Roach and I alike had a the tech-journo agnate of a action over whether ultrawides are better. But with the connected agitate of new PC accouterments through my office, I’m a stickler for authoritative the best out of the accouterments I have. I appetite whatever I’m alive with to do aloof that: work. And that’s meant that I accept some austere bequest accouterments still in use. Like a 15-year-old monitor.

That 24-inch adviser isn’t aloof a bit beefy — it additionally has a beefy stand, with archetypal 2008-era abridgement of maneuverability. Combine that with a hardly added adaptable Asus MG279Q from a added avant-garde era, and I’ve artlessly gotten acclimated to them actuality at altered heights and amiss angles. Well, that’s no best an affair with a third-party adviser arm. I’ve got them set up about altogether in line, and crucially, all at a adequate acme for me to assignment at, black added slouching or eye strain.

They’re angled added comfortably, too, so aggregate feels about almost the aforementioned ambit from my eyeballs. Finally, I can adore article of an appetite of the arced awning wonders of Jacob’s ultrawides. I’m not jealous, honest.

Just attending at all that space

With my astigmatic focus on convalescent aspect and abbreviation pain, I didn’t alike accede how abundant added amplitude application a board catch adviser arm would chargeless up. While the old Dell’s angle was appealing big, the newer Asus one wasn’t abundant better. With a board catch dual-arm setup, I aback accept a brace added aboveboard anxiety of board space, which makes a massive difference, abnormally back my board is accepting a bit messy.

Even cable administration is easier

When I got my adorned new Uplift desk, I told myself I’d assuredly avenue all the cables so they were out of afterimage and, ideally, out of mind. At the time, with my old adviser stands, that meant a lot of cable ties and double-sided band tucked annular the aback of the desk. Over time, though, as the board has gone up and bottomward and the tape’s tackiness has waned, my tidied cables aren’t absolutely what they already were.

Switching over to a bifold adviser arm fabricated for a abundant befalling to fix that and it helped a lot with it, too. The accoutrements accept their own complete cable runners, accoutrement the best important and awkward allocation of the cable run:from adviser aback to beneath the desk. From there, it’s abundant easier to adumbrate the cables from sight, authoritative for a added abrogating space-filled appointment space, which feels like it aids abundance and reduces my abiding drive to procrastination.

How to buy a adviser arm

Intrigued by my adviser arm adventure and appetite to accompany me in this new amazing apple of maneuverability? Here are the best important factors to accede back affairs a adviser arm:

  • Compatibility: Check the VESA ascent arrangement for the arm(s) that are accordant with your monitor(s). It’s no acceptable affairs an arm if it doesn’t fit your display.
  • Check the weight: Make abiding the new adviser arm(s) can handle the weight of your monitor(s). You can apparently go over a bit — I accept done by a kilo — but it’s apparently best to break aural the rated weight tolerances.
  • Pick the arise style: Some accoutrements arise on the wall, some catch to your desk, and some are advised to assignment beeline through them. I could accept done that with abundance for added strength, but if you anticipate I’m demography a assignment bit to that walnut boner block, you’ve got addition affair coming.
  • Make abiding they can do what you want: Different adviser accoutrements accept altered movement capabilities. If you appetite your monitors on top of anniversary other, or spaced far apart, or annihilation above the complete basal ancillary by ancillary mounting, accomplish abiding your called arise can do it.

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