This Google Pixel 8 price rumor has me really, really worried

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Official renders of nan Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.Google

It seems for illustration nan happy days of getting a competitively-priced Pixel smartphone will soon beryllium a point of nan past. Google will motorboat nan Pixel 8 bid phones successful October, but they mightiness travel pinch a bad sticker value surprise.

Now, what we are astir to talk is nan pricing building for European markets, and they whitethorn – aliases whitethorn not – beryllium connected par pinch nan asking value of nan Pixel 8 duo successful nan U.S. It would dangle connected really aggressively Google wants to protect its frugal marketplace stock astatine location pinch charismatic pricing, and really eager it is to grow its overseas hawking stalls.

Oh, and we now person charismatic renders of nan Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, which you tin spot passim this article.

The Pixel 8 could get a large value increase

Official render of nan pinkish Google Pixel 8.Google

Disclaimers aside, Dealabs Magazine claims to person sewage its hands connected nan EU-wide pricing of nan Google Pixel 8 and its Pro variant. It says nan Pixel 8 Pro will commencement astatine 799 euros successful Europe, which translates to $855 based connected existent conversion rates. That’s a saccharine hike 0f 150 euros compared to nan Google Pixel 7 successful Europe and astir a $250 bump compared to nan Pixel 7’s $599 sticker price.

Even if 1 goes pinch nan rate parity formula, a $799 asking value for nan Pixel 8 would still beryllium a monolithic $200 hike vis-a-vis its well-received predecessor. The biggest tie of nan Pixel 7 was a standout design, a feature-loaded vanilla Android experience, and terrific cameras. But supra all, it was nan saccharine $599 asking value that put it a trim supra nan likes of Samsung Galaxy S23 and nan iPhone 14 connected nan pricing ladder.

Frequent value cuts and deals made it an almost irresistible Android phone. But contempt nan rumored upgrades for nan Pixel 8, which see a somewhat refined creation and a faster chip, paying a $200, aliases higher, premium for nan upcoming telephone doesn’t sound peculiarly appealing.

Sneak Peek astatine Google Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro

Dealabs Magazine claims that nan Pixel 8’s 256GB retention version will spell for 856 euros (roughly $915 based connected existing conversion rates.) Even if Google hits nan rate parity for this one, $850 for nan Pixel 8 would beryllium adjacent to what U.S. shoppers presently salary for nan fantabulous Pixel 7 Pro. HotUKDeals besides corroborates an identical pricing exemplary for nan Pixel 8 pair.

“It’s a awesome smartphone, and though not a immense upgrade complete nan Pixel 6, nan value makes it highly desirable, considering nan camera’s expertise and nan value package installed,” says our review of nan Pixel 7. It seems Google is consenting to squander each nan goodwill it amassed successful nan past mates of years. The Pixel 7 Pro wasn’t lauded arsenic generously, but it’s still a bargain compared to Apple and Samsung flagships.

The Pixel 8 Pro isn’t immune, either

Google Pixel 8 charismatic render.Google

Talking astir nan Pro models, it looks for illustration Google is yet entering nan aforesaid luxe domain arsenic Apple and Samsung. The leak claims a dreadful 1,099 euros (approximately $1,180) premium for nan Pixel 8 Pro’s guidelines 128GB configuration. To recall, nan Pixel 7 Pro started astatine 899 euros successful nan European markets and $899 successful nan U.S.

Google will reportedly complaint 1,299 euros (close to $1,390) for nan top-tier 512GB model. Even without nan rate conversion hit, asking $1,300 for nan telephone successful nan U.S. would beryllium difficult to swallow. For that premium, nan wide nationalist gravitates towards nan “Pro” iPhones aliases nan “Ultra” Androids by Samsung pinch each their snazzy camera, stylus, and charging tricks successful tow.

Not nan changes we need

A composite image of nan Google Pixel 8 Pro renders from nan 360-degree simulator showing nan beforehand screen.Google

So far, nan biggest upgrades we person heard astir nan Pixel 8 Pro are an upgraded ultrawide camera, a caller somesthesia sensor, and nan third-gen Tensor G3 processor by Google. The Pixel 8 doesn’t look to beryllium successful statement for immoderate melodramatic upgrades and is surely not worthy of nan rumored value hike.

But astatine nan extremity of nan day, it’s each leaked information, truthful process it arsenic such. Given Google’s sketchy way grounds pinch guarding nan secrets of unreleased hardware – and nan propensity to self-leak its ain phones – we will surely travel crossed much meaty accusation up of nan motorboat arena that mightiness besides witnesser nan nationalist merchandise of Android 14.

Google raising nan value of nan Pixel 8 bid won’t beryllium a shocker. Apple is reportedly eyeing a akin distasteful astonishment pinch nan iPhone 15 Pro. Both brands are pursuing a earthy people that keeps making phones inaccessible to nan masses while parading upgrades that aren’t ever arsenic meaningful successful existent life arsenic nan flashy shape presentations waste them to be.

It’s conscionable unfortunate that correct erstwhile nan Pixels started to consciousness for illustration nan sparkling prima that was Nexus phones backmost successful nan day, Google apparently decided to jump into nan large leagues wherever unpleasant sticker value is simply a recurring trope. Sigh!

But hey, astatine nan very least, Google teased america pinch charismatic renders of nan Pixel 8 lineup. That’s something, right?

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