This is one of the best iPhone 16 leaks I’ve seen yet

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A greenish iPhone 15 successful manus successful beforehand of plant.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Though nan iPhone 15 bid is still comparatively new, nan rumor mill for nan iPhone 16 has already begun. And since we’re successful nan era of spatial computing pinch nan Apple Vision Pro, immoderate changes request to beryllium made to early iPhones to make compatible content.

So far, we’ve seen a fewer different creation prototypes for nan iPhone 16, astatine slightest pinch nan guidelines model. And though I ever outpouring for nan Pro models alternatively of nan non-Pro versions, nan creation of nan guidelines iPhone 16 models has maine excited for what’s to (possibly) come.

A telephone backmost to nan iPhone X

An Apple iPhone X.Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

In 2017, Apple celebrated nan 10-year day of nan iPhone pinch nan iPhone X, which launched alongside nan iPhone 8. The iPhone X was nan first iPhone to get free of nan Home fastener and Touch ID successful favour of a full-screen creation and Face ID for biometric security. It was besides nan first iPhone to spell pinch a vertical camera layout.

I didn’t get nan iPhone X astatine nan clip — I went pinch a regular iPhone 8. But nan pursuing year, I sewage nan iPhone XS, which became 1 of my favourite iPhones. I loved nan size of it, and nan vertical camera layout besides gave it a sleek and elegant aesthetic.

Closeup render of nan iPhone 16 slim camera module.MacRumors

The astir caller iPhone 16 creation rumor indicates that Apple is returning to nan vertical camera layout. MacRumors created a mockup based connected nan astir caller schematics, which reveals a vertical camera layout housed successful a pill-shaped bump, pinch nan flash positioned adjacent to nan camera module. Previous leaks showed Apple going pinch nan quadrate camera bump for illustration we person had nan past fewer years but pinch a assortment of different vertical camera arrangements.

Prototype renders of nan iPhone 16.MacRumors

Those original 3 prototype designs did not excite maine astatine each — I thought having a vertical camera layout successful a quadrate module looked disfigured and unnecessary owed to nan wasted space.

But this caller slim pill-shaped module? It’s decidedly giving maine iPhone X vibes, and I’m present for it.

Less is more

Purple iPhone 14 (left) and a greenish iPhone 15 successful hand.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

As overmuch arsenic I emotion my iPhone 15 Pro, I dislike that nan camera bump has conscionable gotten bigger and bigger each year. With this imaginable iPhone 16 design, it looks for illustration nan camera bump could beryllium going backmost to a slimmer, much manageable size.

At least, nan module itself. I still want to spot nan time smartphone cameras spell backmost to being smaller and much flush pinch nan assemblage alternatively than ever sticking retired and being wobbly connected a level surface. But that’s very unlikely, considering they request to beryllium larger owed to nan sensors and amended capabilities.

The imaginable creation changes for nan guidelines exemplary iPhone 16 are shaping up to beryllium rather nice. I wish nan iPhone 16 Pro models could get thing caller too nan rumored Capture button, but we’ll person to find retired successful nan fall. But arsenic acold arsenic nan regular iPhone 16 is concerned, I can’t get capable of this imaginable caller design. Please, Apple — make it happen.

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