This limited edition SteelSeries keyboard could’ve been so much better

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Jacob Roach

By Jacob Roach February 6, 2024 10:43AM

The Steelseries Apex Pro Mini White Gold keyboard.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

I’m not mad, conscionable disappointed. SteelSeries has a constricted version tally of its Apex Pro Mini keyboard, and it’s perfectly gorgeous. The aptly named White Gold Edition features an wholly achromatic body, a brass plate, and a hefty brass weight, on pinch a beautiful achromatic coiled cablegram pinch aureate accents. It feels instantly premium, and it looks stunning. It’s conscionable a shame nan keyboard itself isn’t very good.

That mightiness daze you to hear, considering nan SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini was a keyboard I said “might beryllium nan champion gaming keyboard you tin buy” astir 2 years ago.  A batch has changed successful that time, though, and nan typing acquisition of this constricted version tally doesn’t unrecorded up to its beautiful aesthetic.

Before we tin get to that, though, we request to talk astir price. SteelSeries is asking $380 for this keyboard. This is simply a constricted version exemplary pinch a ton of brass, truthful a value hike isn’t retired of nan question. It’s conscionable shockingly much expensive. The guidelines Apex Pro Mini (wired, for illustration this 1 is) runs $180 and $140 connected sale. SteelSeries is asking from $200 to $240 much for this version.

The Steelseries White Gold keyboard connected a pinkish background.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

For further context, SteelSeries released nan Ghost Edition of nan Apex Pro Mini precocious past year, which was constricted to 250 units, conscionable for illustration nan White Gold Edition. For that keyboard, SteelSeries asked $230. The value of nan White Gold type is measurement beyond nan further costs of materials aliases moreover nan constricted version tax. It’s unreasonably expensive, which makes nan problems pinch it each nan much pressing.

It’s trying to beryllium a premium mechanical keyboard, and that’s clear. The White Gold Apex Pro Mini is heavy, pinch some nan brass weight and sheet keeping it anchored to your desk. It’s almost arsenic dense arsenic my custom GMMK Pro, and that’s saying something. There aren’t immoderate integrative feet, pinch SteelSeries alternatively relying connected nan earthy curve of nan frame.

Brass weight connected nan bottommost of nan SteelSeries White Gold keyboard.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

The problems are connected nan inside. I took isolated nan keyboard to spot what SteelSeries was doing nether nan hood, and nan reply is: shockingly little. The switches are mounted straight to nan brass sheet and soldered to nan PCB underneath. That fixture is past secured to nan framework pinch a fistful of screws.

And that’s it. There’s nary sound dampening, nary gasket mount, nothing. SteelSeries took nan aesthetics and value of an enthusiast keyboard but forgot astir each nan trimmings that make nan sound, feel, and typing acquisition of a premium keyboard, well, premium. It’s moreover much frustrating considering nan $380 SteelSeries is asking for this constricted version run.

Switches connected nan Steelseries Apex Pro Mini White Gold keyboard.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

In 2022, erstwhile I first reviewed nan Apex Pro Mini, it was a different time. The keyboard chiefly stood retired owed to SteelSeries Omnipoint switches, which stay nan fastest cardinal switches money tin buy. They’re coming connected this White Gold edition, fresh pinch nan adjustable actuation constituent that you tin set done nan SteelSeries Engine software.

These switches are nan bosom of nan Apex Pro Mini, constricted version aliases not, truthful I won’t knock SteelSeries for sticking pinch its ain switches. Hot-swappable switches person quickly go a staple of gaming keyboards, but it makes consciousness why they are locked down connected nan Apex Pro Mini. Even pinch nan switches, location was overmuch much SteelSeries could do here.

Asus spearheaded nan push to enthusiast creation successful gaming keyboards pinch nan Azoth and Strix Scope II, but we’re seeing aggregate brands jump connected board. HyperX announced its GMMK Pro competitor conscionable a fewer months ago, which is fitted pinch its ain gasket equine and committee foam. For a $380 keyboard, SteelSeries decidedly could’ve done much here.

The Apex Pro Mini still has each of nan features that make it a unsocial keyboard, pinch nan adjustable actuation being nan main trading feature. In addition, you tin hindrance aggregate actions to nan aforesaid cardinal and aggregate layers of inputs done SteelSeries Engine. It’s conscionable difficult to warrant spending this overmuch money to unlock those features erstwhile nan typing acquisition doesn’t unrecorded up to nan price.

One point is clear: SteelSeries knows really to creation a keyboard that looks beautiful. Hopefully, early “drops” will beryllium capable to lucifer what’s wrong pinch what you spot connected nan outside.

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