This new Windows 11 shortcut made using my PC so much easier

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Microsoft is consistently abacus new appearance to Windows 11, and it’s accessible for baby quality-of-life updates to get active beneath Bing Chat integrations and Windows Copilot. I apparent one such affection in the Windows 11 23H2 amend a brace of weeks ago, and it’s a simple shortcut: Ctrl + Win + V. 

Using this keyboard aggregate will cull up the new-and-improved aggregate mixer is Windows 11’s latest affection update. It’s been a massive time save for me, and if you use your PC in a agnate way to how I use mine, it’ll acceptable save a lot of time for you, too.

I about-face amid audio outputs consistently on my PC. I accept a brace of Sony InZone Buds I use during the day while I’m working, as able-bodied as at night while I’m gaming. I like to about-face to my Audio Engine A2+ speakers back my aerial are fatigued or I’m alert for the door, though. Previously, I’d use Win + S to cull up the chase bar, chase for Sound Settings, annal through my goliath account of outputs (I use a GoXLR that creates several outputs), and baddest the appropriate one. Not a big accord on its own, but I’d do this at atomic bisected a dozen times a day and usually abundant added than that.

Now, I can do that through the taskbar. If you weren’t aware, Microsoft started rolling out an bigger aggregate mixer in the taskbar beforehand this year, but it alone accustomed for anybody with the 23H2 update. The bigger mixer now lets you bound baddest your achievement device, toggle basic beleaguer sound, and administer the aggregate of alone apps.

You could do all of this before, but you’d accept to go to your complete settings page. Now, it’s all accessible in your taskbar, and there’s alike a button you can bang that will booty you to the complete settings folio if you charge added options. That abandoned is a additional because analytic for a ambience in Windows 11 pulls up the amiss affair bisected the time.

Even alive about the new aggregate mixer, I initially abandoned it. I cross my PC far added with my keyboard than I do with my mouse, so it was still added acceptable for me to chase up the complete ambience page. I was missing out. Windows 11 tells you the adjustment to get to the new aggregate mixer appropriate back you accessible it.

The volumer mixer in WIndows 11 23H2.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

It’s appropriate there: Ctrl + Windows + V. This is abundant faster than both beat through to the aggregate mixer or analytic for the sounds settings alone. And already again, although this doesn’t save a ton of time back you charge to change your audio achievement once, it can add up if you’re accessing the ambience assorted times a day like I am.

Of course, this isn’t the alone new affection in Windows 11 23H2. You can now accelerate and accept text letters through Microsoft Teams, for example, and there’s an overhauled File Explorer with abutment for added compression types so you don’t charge to ability for a affairs like WinRar. The amend clearly appear on October 31, so if you haven’t yet, accomplish abiding to pop into your Windows Update folio to grab it.

If you’re attractive to adept Windows 11, accomplish abiding to analysis out our citizen laptop analyst Mark Coppock’s most acclimated Windows 11 shortcuts, as able-bodied as the one adjustment that could save you back installing the OS.

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