This old Samsung smartwatch still tugs at my heartstrings

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro against immoderate leaves.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

When I put connected nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, I promptly forgot astir nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. I cognize it exists because Samsung still sells it, but it has been entirely replaced successful my mind by nan latest stunning Samsung smartwatch.

But nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is still a existent exemplary that Samsung actively sells, truthful was I correct to disregard it? I’ve been wearing it again to find retired if you should bargain it aliases politely walk it by successful favour of nan Watch 6 Classic.

Still truthful bully to wear

A personification wearing nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

After putting nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro backmost on, I was reminded of 2 things. First, nan strap is superb. It’s elastic and ray and has a superb magnetic “D-Buckle” clasp that keeps it secure. It’s adjustable, truthful it’s ne'er excessively tight aliases excessively loose; it doesn’t fuss maine moreover erstwhile I deterioration it overnight, and it looks excellent. It’s a watch strap to rival nan champion you’ll find connected galore accepted watches astir nan aforesaid price.

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Second, I still for illustration nan funky design. It doesn’t look for illustration nan Watch 6 Classic (which looks much for illustration a accepted watch), but it doesn’t look for illustration nan mean Galaxy Watch 6 aliases an Apple Watch Series 9 either. It’s wholly its ain point and suitably different from immoderate different smartwatch. It’s a spot boring successful all-black, and nan prime of mature watch faces is besides beautiful constricted (I’ve settled connected nan cool Perpetual face), but it does make a connection connected my wrist.

I’ve besides happily worn it to way my sleep. The titanium intends it ne'er feels excessively heavy, it hasn’t go basking and sweaty, and contempt nan sheer size of nan watch, it hasn’t sewage caught up connected anything. The aforesaid applies during nan day, truthful nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is decidedly a 24-hour smartwatch. It’s unfortunate Samsung didn’t jazz up nan creation a small by refreshing it pinch a different colour strategy aliases 2 to lucifer nan high-quality materials and individual look.

Using nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro each day

The D-Buckle connected nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Based connected really it looks and wears, nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro doesn’t merit to beryllium forgotten. It’s besides arsenic as tin connected a method level arsenic nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, arsenic it has nan enhanced slumber search system, it will return your humor unit and a assemblage creation reading, positive it runs Wear OS 4 pinch One UI Watch 5 and has nan aforesaid wellness and fittingness features too. It’s a top-of-the-range smartwatch erstwhile you analyse it connected paper.

Except it doesn’t ever run for illustration a top-of-the-range smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro uses an Exynos W920 processor and not nan Exynos W930 spot wrong nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and nan modular Galaxy Watch 6. This is nan hardware quality you should salary nan astir attraction to, arsenic it genuinely affects nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s performance. It doesn’t respond quickly capable erstwhile you usage nan smartwatch, and it is noticeably laggier than nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

The problem is smartwatches aren’t for illustration smartphones, which are utilized often. Smartwatches sometimes beryllium mostly inactive connected your wrist. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro hates to beryllium woken up from its slumber, and it’s frustratingly slow to get itself fresh for action. This impacts nan raise-to-wake gesture, truthful it often doesn’t show notifications, past tapping nan surface won’t show them either, and I’m forced to swipe to spot them. By this time, it has woken up, but it’s a spot excessively late, and I mobility why I fuss looking astatine all.

Not overmuch has changed

A personification holding nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Once nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is going, it’s not horrendously slow, but it’s not arsenic zippy arsenic nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The artillery life is good, and it’s easy to get 2 days of artillery life retired of it moreover erstwhile you way sleep. I’ve put it connected complaint quickly successful nan greeting for a short time, and I’ve ne'er had immoderate concerns astir it moving debased connected power. I’ve treated it for illustration I dainty nan Oura Ring’s charging, a business made imaginable by nan Watch 5 Pro’s comparatively agelong usage time.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s software-driven facsimile of nan Watch 6 Classic’s awesome beingness rotating bezel is nary match, moreover though it useful adequately. It tin ne'er switch specified a tactile, pleasing action. Unless you perfectly request GPX record support and nan Track Back characteristic — which stay Watch 5 Pro exclusives — nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is nan only Samsung smartwatch you should beryllium spending truthful overmuch money on.

Even much than a twelvemonth aft nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro launched, I quickly came to nan aforesaid conclusion I did successful my original review. This isn’t a smartwatch you bargain because it’s nan champion astatine anything; it’s 1 you’d bargain because you emotion nan look and nan measurement it feels connected your wrist. It’s a heart-not-head purchase. However, nan large problem now is nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is some a bosom and a caput purchase.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro makes maine sad

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro colors.Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Coming to this conclusion makes maine a spot sad. I rather for illustration nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and its oddball looks, positive nan truth you really don’t spot galore retired successful nan world. Titanium is simply a superb worldly for a watch, moreover compared to stainless steel, and it intimately matches each nan wellness and fittingness features recovered connected its newer siblings. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro doesn’t consciousness “old” successful immoderate way. I’ve genuinely enjoyed wearing it again and person nary method logic extracurricular of its sleepy quality to switch it pinch different smartwatch.

But if it were my money, I’d bargain nan cheaper $360 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, and nan only sensible proposal to make is for you to do nan same. The operative connection is “sensible,” arsenic nan $500 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro wasn’t a sensible acquisition successful 2022, yet I wouldn’t effort that difficult to talk you retired of it if your bosom was group connected one. It’s for illustration a batch of accepted watch purchases. You don’t cognize why you for illustration nan look; you cognize it’s excessively expensive, but you besides cognize you’ll emotion it connected your wrist, truthful you bargain it regardless.

That’s nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. There are better, cheaper Samsung smartwatches available, and you honestly should bargain 1 of them. But if you’ve genuinely fallen for nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, you astir apt won’t regret buying it.

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