This one Google Pixel 8 Pro feature is driving me crazy

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A personification holding nan Google Pixel 8 Pro horizontally.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is simply a good telephone astatine $999. It’s sewage a awesome display, a bully design, a bunch of AI features, and thr committedness of updates complete a agelong play of time.

I’ve been utilizing nan telephone since motorboat and americium getting accustomed to nan caller Google Photos features for illustration Best Take and nan improved Magic Eraser. I for illustration nan truth that I tin get a awesome group photograph without worrying if someone’s eyes are closed aliases isn’t fresh for nan photo. But nan acquisition of utilizing these features isn’t what I was expecting.

It’s each astir nan experience

Google Pixel 8 Pro's Best Take successful action.Prakhar Khanna / Digital Trends

Google integrated a bunch of AI features into nan Google Photos app for editing your shots. I for illustration having nan expertise to make my photos amended pinch a fewer taps, but utilizing those features is frustrating. While Pixels haven’t been nan fastest phones ever, I expect my telephone to beryllium reliable. However, utilizing Best Take aliases Magic Eraser connected nan Pixel 8 Pro is simply a disappointing and unreliable experience.

When interacting pinch these AI features, you request to spell to nan Google Photos app, prime Edit, and spell to Tools. After that, you hold for nan telephone to scan nan image and propose nan edits accordingly. For instance, Best Take appears aft a loading clip of 1 to 3 seconds. I’m good pinch nan Pixel 8 Pro taking clip to load nan suggestions connected edits, but I’m not OK pinch it processing a alteration for up to 7 seconds.

On a group photo, I prime Tools and hold for Best Take to appear. After that, it takes different mates of seconds to load nan suggestions for faces, which is perfectly good because nary different telephone lets maine do that. Once that’s done, I prime a look and nan edit I like, which is reasonably instantaneous. But past nan telephone takes different 3 to 5 seconds to process it and show nan result. I prime Save a copy and hold for a mates of seconds to person nan changes look successful my last photo. This process tin return anyplace from 10 to 12 seconds.

Best Take connected Google Pixel 8 Pro.Prakhar Khanna / Digital Trends

Best Take mightiness beryllium a first-gen thing, but Magic Eraser isn’t, and it still takes up to 5 seconds to load nan suggestions. In nan meantime, you can’t interact pinch nan photograph to circle nan objects you want to region because it gives you nan action to do that only aft loading its ain suggestions. And it sometimes fails astatine it.

I’ve had instances wherever Best Take didn’t show up till nan adjacent time for a photograph I edited. You tin hold for a fewer seconds and conscionable beryllium location disappointed because nan telephone won’t load nan icon for you to prime to usage nan feature. It’s not an perfect acquisition to interact pinch Google’s caller AI features successful Photos for nan Pixel 8 Pro. There’s a batch of clash betwixt nan personification and nan phone. And it’s unreliable.

Then location are suggestions astatine nan bottommost for you to pat connected and edit your photograph easily. I’m gladsome my telephone thinks blurring nan inheritance would make my photograph look better, but I’m not OK waiting 7 seconds aft selecting “Blur background” to beryllium presented pinch nan scroller to alteration nan magnitude of blur.

The caller AI features are a gimmick

Google Pixel 8 Pro cameras.Prakhar Khanna / Digital Trends

The Pixel 8 Pro is giving maine Photoshop-level editing abilities astatine my fingertips pinch Best Take, Magic Eraser, and different suggestions, which I appreciate. But utilizing these features takes maine backmost to early 2010s loading times. Remember erstwhile a webpage utilized to return up to 10 seconds to load? This feels for illustration that. If Google wants group to really usage its caller AI advancements, it needs to make nan process quicker.

For now, nan caller AI features consciousness gimmicky. You are apt to usage them for a fewer days initially, but hide astir them later.

You shouldn’t bargain a Google Pixel 8 bid telephone conscionable for nan expertise to edit photos quickly; nan process isn’t speedy astatine each and it’s frustrating astatine best. I consciousness for illustration I’m amended disconnected not utilizing these features for leisure and only erstwhile I’m successful need. These are bully to have, but not thing that you can’t unrecorded without. The Pixel 8 Pro has plentifulness of different reasons to warrant a purchase, but nan caller AI features aren’t 1 of them.

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