This PC case has a touchscreen, but it’s way more than a gimmick

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The Hyte Y70 PC lawsuit pinch a touchscreen.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Hyte is challenging nan position quo erstwhile again. The company, which quickly made it to nan apical of nan database of best PC cases pinch its Y60, has a crazy caller conception called nan Y70 Touch. It’s a PC lawsuit that has a built-in touchscreen, and though it’s intelligibly a premium chassis choice, it’s overmuch much attainable than you mightiness expect.

At $360, nan Hyte Y70 Touch isn’t conscionable a premium lawsuit built exclusively for show floors. It’s a existent product, and though it’s overmuch much costly than astir PC cases, it’s not retired of nan mobility for a high-end build.

The 10-point multi-touch surface is nan main tie of Hyte’s caller case, but nan institution utilized nan opportunity to rethink nan creation of its wildly celebrated Y60 and make it an moreover amended action to build your adjacent PC in.

Not your normal Y60

The Hyte Y70 sitting connected a java table.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Hyte’s Y60 quickly reached mythical position among nan enthusiast PC crowd, sitting alongside cases for illustration nan Lian Li PC-O11D. You’d beryllium forgiven for reasoning nan Y70 Touch is simply a Y60 pinch a screen, but it really has a small much going on.

It carries nan aforesaid “fish tank” creation that has made nan Y60 truthful iconic, but Hyte took immoderate of nan lessons it learned pinch the Hyte Y40 and applied them here. For starters, you don’t person immoderate thumbscrews for nan broadside panels. It’s a wholly tool-less creation pinch nan Y70 Touch, while nan Y60 still uses a thumbscrew for each of nan broadside panels.

Hyte made nan lawsuit bigger overall, too. The Y60 has a measurement of 60 liters, while nan Y70 touch is conscionable complete 70 liters. It’s a fewer millimeters taller and longer, and it’s astir about 35 millimeters wider. That other width allows Hyte to compression successful a 4th PCIe bracket for nan vertical GPU mount. That was 1 of nan issues pinch nan Y60 successful nan aftermath of graphics cards for illustration nan RTX 4090, wherever immoderate designs tin inhabit a afloat 4 slots.

PCIe riser wrong nan Hyte Y70 Touch.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

But 1 of nan biggest improvements comes successful nan shape of instrumentality support. You tin now fresh 3 120mm fans connected nan bottommost aliases nan broadside of nan case. The original Y60 only supports 2 successful either position, leaving an awkward spread astatine nan apical and bottommost of nan instrumentality stack. On nan side, you tin now fresh a 360mm radiator arsenic well, which is simply a immense boost for this design.

Even better, you tin fresh a overmuch thicker radiator astatine nan top. The Y70 Touch supports up to a 360mm radiator that’s 68mm thick, while nan Y60 was restricted to a 32mm radiator. Hyte removed nan dip for nan radiator equine that’s coming connected nan Y60, giving you room for a bigger radiator. Hyte besides reduced nan bezel broadside connected nan broadside panel, giving you a clearer position of your fans.

That’s a batch of changes, but what makes nan Y70 Touch truthful awesome is that you would deliberation it’s nan nonstop aforesaid lawsuit arsenic nan Y60 erstwhile looking astatine it. Despite being bigger, it doesn’t consciousness immoderate bigger, and you only really announcement nan quality if you person some cases sitting broadside by side. I’m gladsome that Hyte took nan opportunity to make its iconic lawsuit creation better, alternatively of conscionable slapping an existing surface mod connected nan aforesaid body. The biggest weakness of nan Y70 is that Hyte presently isn’t offering it without nan touchscreen. But location are immoderate clear improvements here, touchscreen aliases not.

Let’s talk astir nan touchscreen

Calculator connected nan Hyte Y70 Touch.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Despite immoderate clear improvements successful lawsuit design, nan showstopper present is nan capacitive touchscreen. We request immoderate context, though. Hyte presently sells an LCD mod kit for nan Y60 that replaces nan area solid pinch a screen. It’s $150, bringing nan value of a Y60 and a touchscreen mode to $10 little than nan Y70 Touch. However, nan Y70’s surface is much better.

For starters, nan Y70 includes a touchscreen that support up to 10 points of contact. The touchscreen is shockingly useful. You tin do things for illustration scroll Twitch chat done Hyte’s Nexus package (more connected that soon), arsenic good arsenic propulsion up and usage a calculator widget. Hyte moreover includes a basal shape of Tetris that you tin play connected nan touchscreen.

It’s besides a overmuch higher resolution. The Y70 Touch’s show has a solution of 1,100 x 3,840, which comes retired to 283 pixels per inch. That’s highly crisp for a display. It makes nan show consciousness usable and overmuch little for illustration a gimmick compared to nan 515 x 1,920 LCD sheet that you tin mod nan Y60 with.

Cables wrong nan Hyte Y70 Touch.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Hooking it up is overmuch simpler than modding nan Y60, too. Hyte hooks up almost everything you request retired of nan box, truthful each you’re near to do is tally a USB header to your motherboard, link nan DisplayPort cablegram connected nan backmost of nan lawsuit to your graphics card, and link SATA power. Hyte includes a mini DisplayPort cablegram pinch nan case, reducing nan messiness astatine nan backmost of nan case.

Getting everything group up aft that constituent is simply a small tricky, though. The Y70 Touch includes a screen, and Windows will prime it up arsenic such. There’s nary saying if Windows will designate it arsenic your superior display. In my case, Windows picked it up arsenic nan superior display, sending maine down a short sprint of turning my caput sideways and wrestling pinch nan cursor to get everything group up properly.

The Windows login surface connected nan Hyte Y70 Touch.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

You tin usage nan Y70 Touch for illustration this, pinch nan surface fundamentally serving arsenic a 2nd monitor. It comes live pinch Hyte’s Nexus software, though, enabling widgets and nan touchscreen functionality.

Into nan Nexus

Widget options successful Hyte Nexus.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

You request Hyte’s Nexus package to get nan Y70 Touch up and moving properly. I tested a beta type of nan software, but it already shows a ton of promise. Once it’s installed, Nexus runs you done a fewer elemental configuration steps. You request to group up a fistful of things successful Windows for nan show to activity properly, and acknowledgment to Nexus, nan show was moving successful little than 30 seconds.

Hyte provides a default configuration, but you person a ton of options to customize nan display. Like a smartphone, you person widgets that you tin adhd to nan screen, including nan calculator widget I mentioned previously. There are a ton of different options, too.

Some highlights see Twitch chat and OBS status, bypassing nan request for streamers to person a 2nd monitor. You besides person immoderate basal widgets for illustration a timepiece and weather, on pinch a media player, capacity overlay, and a photograph gallery. In addition, Hyte promises Nexus will get widgets for Google Calendar, RSS feeds, notes, an audio visualizer, and IFTTT integration, but they weren’t disposable nan beta type I tested.

A mini-game connected nan Hyte Y70 Touch.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

In addition, Hyte provides a smartphone-style app statement astatine nan bottom, giving you speedy entree to nan Windows File Explorer, Task Manager, and nan Tetris-style mini-game. You besides person aggregate windows you tin swipe through, akin to a phone, giving you entree to moreover much widgets.

This is brought together pinch video backgrounds. Hyte includes respective looping backgrounds that you tin use, but you tin besides adhd your ain media to play down nan widgets. Hyte warns this could effect performance, truthful you thankfully person nan action to move disconnected nan videos, spell pinch a gradient background, aliases group nan inheritance arsenic a civilization image.

More than a touchscreen

Touchscreen connected nan Hyte Y70 Touch.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

The touchscreen connected nan Hyte Y70 Touch is decidedly a large deal, but you shouldn’t disregard nan lawsuit itself. This is simply a premium PC lawsuit pinch smart improvements complete an already stellar design, and nan touchscreen is conscionable an absorbing perk stacked connected top.

Still, astir group aren’t successful nan marketplace for a lawsuit this expensive. But he Y70 Touch is worthy nan price, peculiarly for those looking for a high-end lawsuit to support gait pinch a high-end PC inside. Anyone not building a top-end PC will person a difficult clip justifying it, however.

Hopefully Hyte will merchandise a type without nan touchscreen successful nan future. The Y70 is simply a massively improved type of nan Y60, and it would beryllium a go-to proposal astatine a reasonable value without nan touchscreen.

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