This popular Samsung tablet just had its price slashed to $179

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 connected a pastel colored background.Samsung

If you’ve been looking for a inexpensive tablet, Walmart has nan woody of nan time for you. Right now nan Samsung Galaxy A8, a inexpensive replacement to nan iPad, is connected waste for $179, down $51 from its accustomed value of $230. This is wrapped up into Walmart’s early Black Friday deals, but that doesn’t mean it will past until nan shopping vacation adjacent month. If you’re willing successful grabbing a fund tablet while it’s moreover cheaper, cheque retired this woody ASAP.

Why you should bargain nan Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is simply a 10.5-inch tablet that runs connected Android. If you person an Android phone, you’ll beryllium very acquainted pinch nan operating system. It only has 32GB of storage, but you tin supplement that pinch a 1TB MicroSD if you find yourself moving retired of room. At 2 GHz processor velocity and a Octa-Core, Coretex-A78 + Cortex-A55 processor, positive 3GB of RAM, this isn’t a instrumentality for immoderate dense work uses. What it will grip good is scrolling societal media, controlling different smart location devices, and taking pictures.

Speaking of pictures, nan Samsung A8 has a beforehand and a rear facing camera, truthful you tin usage it to return photos and besides do unrecorded video calling. The rear camera is 8MP and nan front-facing camera is 5MP. The pictures will look awesome connected nan 10.5-inch LCD screen, since it has a solution of 1920 x 1200. That intends thing short of 4K will look beautiful, whether its pictures you return connected nan instrumentality aliases movies you watercourse connected it.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has a fewer nifty bonuses. For instance, it has a fingerprint reader, which makes it elemental to unlock but intolerable for thieves to open. It charges via a USB-C port, which is nan caller standard, truthful you won’t person to interest astir uncovering a charger wherever you go. It weighs conscionable complete 1 pound, it’s Bluetooth enabled, and it has a one-year warranty.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is connected waste for $179, down $51 from its accustomed $230. This is simply a awesome fund replacement to an iPad, truthful drawback it earlier nan value goes backmost up to normal.

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