This popular Sony 4K home theater receiver is $100 off right now

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A personification utilizing nan Sony STRDH590 via their phone.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Typically, we whitethorn deliberation of upgrading our location intermezo systems arsenic constricted to things for illustration getting an 8K TV complete nan 4K 1 we already have. Or, perhaps, thing elemental for illustration getting nan latest soundbar. What you could beryllium forgetting is nan receiver, a cardinal hub that acts arsenic a benignant of “brain” for connection betwixt screens and speakers. These let for much precocious surround sound setups, giving you a much immersive experience. To nan uninitiated, getting this benignant of a setup tin beryllium dizzyingly confusing, not to mention expensive. Furthermore, figuring retired how to bargain an AV receiver isn’t truthful straightforward. Which each goes to opportunity that we’re excited astir this woody connected nan Sony STRDH590, a 725W 5.2-channel 4K receiver. Typically, it would costs $350. Now, however, it is $100 disconnected and down to $250.

Why you should bargain nan Sony STRDH590

We awarded nan Sony STRDH590 a slot amongst nan best AV receivers owed to its expertise to please value-concerned customers without doing distant pinch nan astir important features of a receiver. It supports each of nan important audio and video formats, pinch situation sound decoders that tackle everything from Dolby TrueHD to Dolby Pro Logic II. Though it lacks net connectivity, syncing pinch Bluetooth is easy, making nan process of getting euphony connected your receiver a non-challenge.

The Sony STRDH590 has 5 channels and uses various situation sound modes (for example, ‘stadium’ and ‘sports’) to attenuate its output to beryllium perfect for various genres. Connections to nan receiver see 4 stereo RCA inputs, an optical integer audio input, a coaxial audio input, on pinch 4 HDMI successful and 1 HDMI out. There’s moreover a headphone jack is you person high-quality headphones to link up to it.

If nan Sony STRDH590 excites you arsenic nan champion measurement to get your location built for entertainment, spell up and pat nan fastener below. It’ll return you to Best Buy wherever you’ll find nan receiver for conscionable $250. Again, that’s $100 down from nan accustomed $350. It’s 1 of nan astir affordable entry-level receivers and it tin beryllium yours moreover cheaper if you drawback it while this awesome woody lasts.

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