Thunder vs Mavericks live stream: Can you watch the NBA game for free?

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Tyler Geis

By Tyler Geis February 10, 2024 6:00AM

As nan waste and acquisition deadline is now a fewer days down us, 2 teams that did a small business pinch 1 different successful position of early NBA draught picks will quadrate disconnected connected nan tribunal today. The Oklahoma City Thunder (35-16) now beryllium successful 3rd spot successful nan west, arsenic Luka Dončić and nan Mavericks are still live and renamed 8th successful nan West. The waste and acquisition deadline woody mentioned supra was that nan Mavericks acquired a first-round prime for adjacent play from nan Thunder successful speech for a 2028 pick.

It’s a time crippled from Dallas, arsenic tip-off takes spot astatine 3:00 p.m. ET. Here is each you request to cognize astir wherever and really to drawback a unrecorded watercourse of nan crippled online today.

The champion measurement to watch nan Thunder vs Mavericks unrecorded stream

Sling TV connected Apple TV.Sling TV

Sling TV has truthful overmuch to connection successful position of unrecorded sports streaming. It’s go a premiere landing spot for customers who person ditched cablegram and jumped connected committee pinch amended options to watch nan contented they want to watch for a cheaper price. Sling TV offers 50% disconnected your first month, knocking nan guidelines costs down to $20 astatine first earlier going up to $40 a month. Customize your unrecorded streaming acquisition pinch nan Sling TV Orange plan, which offers a ton of sports channels to fulfill your needs.

Is location a free Thunder vs Mavericks unrecorded stream?

NBA League Pass connected YouTube TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Sling TV does not presently person a free proceedings period, contempt their astonishing prices for unrecorded streaming. Although Fubo and YouTube TV do person a free trial, it is intolerable to entree nan crippled from extracurricular nan location marketplace without an NBA League Pass. The existent kicker present is that nan NBA League Pass does not person a free proceedings either, but it does person a bully woody for $50 for nan remainder of nan season done YouTube TV.

Watch nan Thunder vs Mavericks unrecorded watercourse from overseas pinch a VPN

The NordVPN app connected nan App Store connected Apple TV.Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

A VPN is your champion friend erstwhile watching U.S.-based unrecorded streams from abroad. They’re a safe measurement to watercourse online, and they protect your personality and information from hackers, positive they person a reasonably reasonable costs to them. NordVPN is what we urge most, arsenic it costs only $12 a period pinch a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s compatible pinch Mac, Windows, and Android and is disposable successful 60 countries extracurricular nan U.S.

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