Thwarted ransomware raid targeting WS_FTP servers demanded just 0.018 BTC

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An early ransomware run against organizations by exploiting nan vulnerability successful Progress Software's WS_FTP Server was this week spotted by information researchers.

Sophos X-Ops revealed connected Thursday its customers person been targeted by criminals who lifted their ransomware codification from LockBit 3.0, which was leaked past year, soon aft this latest strain was created.

The crooks down nan run are apt to beryllium inexperienced and weren't yet successful successful their attempts. The ransomware grounded to tally arsenic anticipated and encrypt immoderate files – Sophos said its antivirus was capable to artifact it – allowing nan payload to beryllium captured and examined.

That's bully news for nan intended victims, though it appears WS_FTP Server was exploited successfully and malicious intermediary codification was run. That codification attempted to fetch and deploy nan ransomware, which was blocked.

It was imaginable to excavation retired nan ransom statement that's dropped during successful attacks from nan ransomware payload. That statement revealed nan group down nan intrusion was nan Reichsadler Cybercrime Group – an unheard-of pack whose sanction is taken from nan eagle recovered connected coats of arms successful Germany, including those adopted by nan Nazi regime.

The statement demanded conscionable 0.018 Bitcoin arsenic a costs to retrieve encrypted files – a sum balanced to little than $500.

The ransom is vastly little than what is expected of much established cybercriminal operations. LockBit claimed this week successful an update to its attack connected CDW that nan institution offered conscionable $1.1 cardinal of nan full $80 cardinal that was demanded of it.

It's mostly understood that ransomware gangs will request a interest of astir 3 percent of immoderate they cipher nan target's yearly gross to be, though these calculations are sometimes based connected incorrect accusation and tin beryllium incorrectly inflated.

The location of Reichsadler Cybercrime Group's cognition isn't known, though nan ransom statement group nan costs deadline clip to Moscow Standard Time. This could propose a Russian cognition aliases 1 successful different state attempting to disguise their existent location.

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Sophos said it was capable to extremity nan download of nan ransomware payload aft nan onslaught triggered a norm designed to forestall a known intrusion maneuver (MITRE ATT&CK method T1071.001).

Patches for nan 8 vulnerabilities successful WS_FTP were released connected September 27 and Rapid7's researchers spotted nan first activity of attacks exploiting nan vulnerabilities 3 days later.

Evidence pointed to early wide exploitation attempts pursuing nan merchandise of impervious of conception (PoC) codification conscionable 2 days aft nan patches were made available, severely limiting nan clip successful which affected organizations had to instrumentality them.

The severity of nan distant codification execution bug, mixed pinch nan readiness of nan PoC code, prompted wide calls from nan manufacture to use nan patches urgently.

Progress Software assigned it a maximum severity people of 10, while NIST's National Vulnerability Database assigned it a "high" CVSS people of 8.8. 

According to researchers astatine information institution Assetnote, which was credited pinch nan bug's discovery, telemetry showed astir 2,900 hosts were moving nan record transportation package arsenic of October 4. ®