TimeSplitters studio Free Radicals shut down before it could finish planned revival

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Free Radical Design, a workplace reestablished to revive nan long-dormant TimeSplitters series, was officially unopen down by its genitor company, Plaion, owed to nan ongoing financial struggles faced by Embracer Group, which owns some studios.

TimeSplitters is simply a cult classical first-person shooter bid from nan early 2000s that has not received a caller crippled since 2005 because its developer, Free Radical Design, went retired of business. In 2018, Koch Media — now known arsenic Plaion — acquired nan TimeSplitters IP. In 2021, it reformed Free Radical Design on pinch Steve Ellis and David Doak, who worked connected nan original TimeSplitters games, and announced its volition to bring TimeSplitters back.


We did not perceive much astir this caller crippled and workplace aft that, which is why it was concerning erstwhile reports emerged past period that this caller loop of Free Radical Design was astatine consequence of being unopen down by nan extremity of nan year. Embracer Group, nan genitor institution of some Free Radical Design and Plaion, has unopen down studios like Volition and canceled games successful nan midst of financial struggles aft a reported $2 cardinal deal pinch nan Saudi Arabian institution Savvy Games fell through. On December 11, an effort to scope Free Radical Design’s website resulted successful a connection saying “404 Company Not Found,” and connected December 12, Plaion confirmed that Free Radical Design is Embracer Group’s latest casualty.

“It’s pinch a dense bosom that we must denote yet different difficult decision. Today, we person to corroborate nan charismatic closure of Free Radical Design, and opportunity goodbye to galore remarkable, talented, and hard-working people,” Plaion said successful a statement to Video Games Chronicle, which was besides nan first to study that Free Radical was successful problem successful November. “We are beyond grateful for their unthinkable contributions to Plaion and wish them nan champion of luck and occurrence connected their master travel from present connected out.” The institution besides posted this connection to its LinkedIn account.

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Plaion provided nary update arsenic to nan position of nan TimeSplitters crippled that Free Radical was reestablished to create. Considering that Embracer Group is connected a workplace shutdown and crippled cancellation spree, its early is decidedly successful question.

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