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‘We person built a beardown instauration for early generations’: PM Lee successful his past awesome reside (Straits Times)

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he has prepared a activity squad to win him that deserves Singaporeans’ assurance and support, and asked that each Singaporeans rally down it to make nan federation succeed.

Despite acheronian clouds connected nan horizon, nan Republic has built a beardown instauration for its early generations to proceed to constitute caller chapters of nan Singapore story, PM Lee said astatine nan May Day Rally connected May 1.

In a valedictory reside astatine nan Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, he said he felt “a consciousness of restitution and completeness” arsenic he prepared to manus complete Singapore successful bully bid to his successor, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong connected May 15.

“I person done my duty, and I americium very happy I chose this way of nationalist work each those galore years ago,” said PM Lee to a opinionated ovation from nan 1,400 unionists, business leaders and authorities officials who were present.

However, starring a state is ne'er a one-man occupation but that of a nationalist team, he said arsenic he thanked MPs, national leaders, arsenic good arsenic Singaporeans for their spot and support.

“I person strived to lead you and to govern Singapore successful nan measurement you deserve, to mobilise Singaporeans to show what we tin do together,” he said. “I person besides prepared a activity squad to win maine that deserves your assurance and support.”

Not conscionable to eat and shop, Singaporeans are besides going to JB for dental attraction (Straits Times)

Dental clinics successful JB person progressively go a viable action for Ms Lim and others from Singapore.

These Singapore-based patients opportunity they are chiefly drawn by an array of restorative and cosmetic teeth treatments offered astatine a fraction of nan costs of their equivalents successful Singapore and small to nary discuss connected nan value of care.

NTUC rank grew by complete 30% successful past fewer years to deed 1.3 cardinal (Straits Times)

The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) has grown its rank by much than 30 per cent successful nan past 3 years to 1.3 million, said NTUC secretary-general Ng Chee Meng connected May 1.

Giving nan latest update connected NTUC’s rank description astatine nan yearly May Day Rally, Mr Ng said astir 45 per cent of national members are professionals, managers and executives (PMEs), which is akin to nan nationalist ratio.

NTUC has group a extremity of reaching 1.5 cardinal members by 2030.

“Today, PMEs represent much of our workforce, and successful clip to come, PMEs will shape nan mostly of nan Singapore workforce fixed our evolving acquisition landscape,” Mr Ng said, pledging to do much for this group.

Preparatory activity to link Thomson-East Coast Line pinch Changi Airport to statesman successful 2025 (Straits Times)

Three MRT stations connected nan East-West Line (EWL) – Tanah Merah, Expo and Changi Airport – will acquisition modifications from 2025 truthful they tin beryllium converted into Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) stations successful future.

Binance co-founder Zhao group to support connected increasing his $33 cardinal luck moreover arsenic he heads to situation for 4 months (CNBC)

  • Changpeng Zhao, nan billionaire co-founder and erstwhile CEO of Binance, is expected to spot his mammoth wealthiness stay intact and apt proceed to climb moreover arsenic he faces clip down bars aft his sentencing successful a Seattle court.
  • Zhao was sentenced to 4 months successful situation connected Tuesday, aft pleading blameworthy to charges of enabling money laundering astatine his crypto exchange.
  • Zhao has an estimated individual nett worthy of $33 billion, according to Forbes’ World’s Billionaires list.

Tesla shares driblet astir 6% aft Musk cuts astir 500 jobs successful Supercharger squad (CNBC)

  • Tesla is continuing a sweeping reorganization and laying disconnected immoderate 500 labor from its Supercharger team.
  • As The Information first reported, Tesla is throttling plans to turn its U.S.-based Supercharger network, aft striking partnerships pinch Ford, GM and others and agreeing to let non-Tesla EV drivers to complaint connected its equipment.
  • CEO Elon Musk said successful a station that Tesla, “still plans to turn nan Supercharger network, conscionable astatine a slower gait for caller locations” pinch much attraction connected uptime.

Amazon profit much than triples, topping Wall Street expectations (CNBC)

  • Amazon shares roseate successful extended trading aft nan institution reported better-than-expected gross and earnings.
  • Advertising gross grew 24% successful nan first quarter, outpacing unit and unreality computing.
  • Amazon Web Services besides reported results that topped estimates.

Hedge costs are ‘dead arsenic a doornail,’ says president of ultra-rich investors’ nine Tiger 21 (CNBC)

  • Tiger 21 members’ allocation to hedge costs dropped to 2% from 12% complete nan past 16 years, information from nan web showed.
  • Currently, backstage equity takes up nan largest allocation of Tiger 21 members’ portfolio astatine 29%, followed by existent property investments astatine 27%.
  • “Our members realized they could do amended connected mean pinch much vulnerability to scale … pinch much liquidity and little fees, and apt higher returns complete nan past decade,” said Michael Sonnenfeld, laminitis and president of Tiger 21.

Johnson & Johnson will salary $6.5 cardinal to resoluteness astir each talc ovarian crab lawsuits successful U.S. (CNBC)

  • Johnson & Johnson said it will salary $6.5 cardinal to settee astir each of nan thousands of lawsuits successful nan U.S. claiming its talc-based products caused ovarian cancer.
  • The woody would let J&J to resoluteness nan lawsuits done a 3rd bankruptcy filing of a subsidiary company, LTL Management. 
  • J&J said nan remaining pending lawsuits subordinate to a uncommon crab called mesothelioma and will beryllium addressed ouside of nan caller colony plan. 

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