TORRAS for the holidays: When you want to protect your phone from the worst

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TORRAS UPRO Ostand R image supra poolTORRAS

Imagine this. You person your hands afloat of gifts, you’re stumbling backmost to your car, and suddenly, your telephone plummets retired of your shopping cart onto nan ground. Before you tin retrieve it, different car flies by and runs it over. The horror. But alas, you cod your telephone to find that it’s safe and sound pinch nary a scratch. That’s precisely nan fantastical yet heartwarming benignant of communicative shared by a TORRAS customer, espousing why they support and emotion TORRAS telephone cases. They protect your costly phone(s) from nan worst of nan worst, and during nan cold, stiff holidays, that counts for a lot.

Take nan UPRO Ostand R iPhone 15 lawsuit from TORRAS, an innovator successful nan space. It has a 360-degree rotatable ringing that’s afloat compatible pinch MagSafe accessories. It’s military-grade tested, truthful it tin decidedly return a beating, yet its minimalistic aesthetics and velvety-smooth decorativeness are an unthinkable complement to your beautiful caller iPhone 15. You’re not slapping a bulky aliases disfigured lawsuit connected your phone, but you still get each nan protection you request from nan elements and beyond. Of course, this is conscionable 1 lawsuit of galore successful nan TORRAS arsenal, but it’s a awesome spot to commencement if you’re looking for due iPhone 15 beingness security.

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TORRAS will protect your telephone from immoderate you, aliases anyone else, propulsion astatine it

TORRAS UPRO Ostand R cases connected displayTORRAS

When you extremity and deliberation astir nan features disposable successful this telephone case, 1 of nan champion is that it has a stand.

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TORRAS is your cardinal to changing that while still benefiting from ultimate, element-proof protection. Whether spending immoderate leisure clip relaxing astatine home, basking successful scenic vistas connected a expansive adventure, hiking nan awesome outdoors, aliases conscionable doing immoderate other chores, a TORRAS lawsuit will protect your phone, which, let’s beryllium honest, is astir apt 1 of nan much important things you ain these days. Your slope and financial details, your societal activity, your contacts, your communications, they’re each packed wrong this small physics device. You merit nan champion protection.

The UPRO Ostand R, pinch its gorgeous creation and fantabulous features, is simply a awesome spot to start, arsenic mentioned. Thanks to Halbach Array technology, it snaps firmly into place, sloppy of nan telephone you’re utilizing — iPhone 12 Pro up to nan iPhone 15 Pro. It’s MagSafe compatible, too, pinch N52 magnets to clasp accessories, chargers, and different cogwheel successful place. The elastic O Ring connected nan backmost acts arsenic an impromptu guidelines erstwhile you want to prop your telephone up. It offers 360 degrees of rotation, giving a unsocial twist to nan guidelines functionality, and it besides doubles arsenic a ringing holder. Suppose you’re retired for meal pinch friends aliases family and want to show them nan latest movie trailer aliases funny video, you tin prop up your telephone and do conscionable that.

DIY detachable buttons, openings for ports, and nan raised surface edges and bezels protect everything that’s astir important. It’s military-grade tested, arsenic well, safe from scratches, dents, shocks, and beyond.

It will spell nan distance, overmuch for illustration TORRAS’ full lawsuit lineup. The existent vacation deals are besides a awesome clip to save, making TORRAS cogwheel for illustration nan UPRO Ostand R much accessible and affordable than ever. All of TORRAS’ cases are disposable to acquisition done Amazon if you’re interested, including nan UPRO Ostand R.

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