True Detective: Night Country brings back the show’s best element: cosmic horror

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Alex Welch

By Alex Welch February 4, 2024 11:00AM

 Night Country section 3.Michele K. Short / HBO

When True Detective premiered connected HBO successful 2014, it wasn’t conscionable nan show’s crime procedural plot, Cary Fukunaga’s dreamlike direction, aliases Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson’s profoundly lived-in performances that drew viewers in. The show’s first play carried pinch it a crisp separator of cosmic scary arsenic well. Not only was it filled pinch Lovecraftian specifications and references, but a consciousness of unseen, supernatural threat besides permeated each 8 of its episodes. Its communicative seemed to incorporate much layers than viewers would ever beryllium capable to afloat grasp.

In nan end, galore felt that True Detective play 1 grounded to present nan extent it often hinted at. Whatever your sentiment astir nan season’s ending mightiness be, though, its cosmic scary touches helped True Detective guidelines retired from each nan different crime procedurals that viewers had seen up to that point. That’s why it was disappointing erstwhile nan show’s 2nd and 3rd seasons abandoned its first supernatural scary tone. True Detective play 2 tried to switch it pinch a David Lynch-inspired uncanniness to varying degrees of effectiveness, while nan show’s 3rd play ne'er truthful overmuch arsenic feinted astatine nan benignant of scary reside that made its first truthful alluring.

True Detective: Night Country doesn’t make nan aforesaid mistake. The new, Issa López-helmed 4th play not only brings backmost nan show’s original supernatural scary vibes, but it embraces them moreover much afloat than its first.

 Night Country section 3.Michele K. Short / HBO

True Detective: Night Country didn’t hold agelong to denote itself arsenic a full-blown scary show. Its acold unfastened climaxes pinch a seemingly possessed intelligence ominously announcing, “she’s awake,” conscionable earlier each nan lights astir him unopen off. In nan minutes and episodes that person followed, Night Country hasn’t grounded to unrecorded up to nan committedness of its opening minutes. Its first, second, and 3rd installments person featured plentifulness of uncanny, grotesque visions, arsenic good arsenic ghosts and jump scares. Night Country’s 2nd section moreover opens pinch what mightiness extremity up being nan scariest infinitesimal of immoderate Prestige TV show this year: A half-frozen, antecedently presumed dormant intelligence wailing successful symptom aft an oblivious bull accidentally breaks 1 of his crystal acold arms successful half.

Its 3rd section only commits moreover further to nan season’s scary elements. Early on, Trooper Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) is near confused and unnerved erstwhile nan icy, seemingly lifeless Alaskan wilderness throws an orangish backmost astatine her, while López chooses to directorially punctuate 1 peculiarly gruesome find pinch close-up images of nan thawing, twisted bodies of nan season’s central, dormant scientists. These thumps consciousness of a portion not only pinch Night Country’s larger reside and overarching story, but pinch nan style and temper of True Detective play 1.

In nan closing moments of its 3rd episode, however, Night Country goes wherever nary True Detective play has before. As Navarro stands successful nan waiting room of 1 of nan only 2 surviving scientists from nan Tsalal Research Station, nan half-dead man rises from his bed, afloat possessed, and gives her a foreboding warning. Once done, nan scientist’s assemblage originates to prehend and he quickly dies — nan unit of his possession seemingly robbing him of nan small life he had left. It is, purely and simply, a horrifying moment, 1 you’d sooner expect to spot successful an Exorcist aliases Conjuring movie than you ever would successful an section of True Detective.

 Night Country section 3.Michele K. Short / HBO

Throughout its first 3 installments, Night Country has demonstrated an fantabulous knowing of what made True Detective’s deed debut play truthful special. It hasn’t borrowed each instrumentality from that season’s playbook (it has, for instance, ditched its split-timeline structure), but it has delivered nan same, tangible consciousness of spot and terrifying, yet enticing separator of unseen horror. At nan aforesaid time, Night Country has shown that it isn’t acrophobic to spell moreover further into definite genre spaces than its 2014 predecessor.

True Detective play 1 proved that nan champion crime stories shouldn’t conscionable beryllium judged based connected their effectiveness arsenic execution mysteries, but besides for really absorbing they make their worlds of murder, death, and tragedy. So far, Night Country has constructed a reality that is afloat of some beingness brutality and immaterial forces that linger conscionable beyond nan limits of its characters’ vision.

No one, whether it beryllium Reis’ Navarro aliases Jodie Foster’s Liz Danvers, tin look to get their hands astir Night Country’s stiff tundra. If its opening 3 episodes person proven 1 thing, though, it’s that it has a patient clasp connected them, and there’s thing distinctly, beautifully terrifying astir that.

New episodes of True Detective: Night Country premiere Sunday nights connected HBO.

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