Ubiquiti users report having access to others’ UniFi routers, cameras

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Since yesterday, users of Ubiquiti networking devices, ranging from routers to information cameras, person reported seeing different people’s devices and notifications done nan company's UniFi unreality services.

Ubiquiti is simply a celebrated networking instrumentality shaper offering a cloud-based UniFi level wherever admins tin negociate each their devices from a azygous unreality portal.

The first study of these issues was from yesterday greeting astatine astir 8 AM ET erstwhile a Ubiquiti customer incorrectly received a notification done UniFi Protect from personification else's information camera.

"I'm reaching retired for immoderate proposal regarding a peculiar business we encountered pinch UniFi Protect. Recently, my woman received a notification from UniFi Protect, which included an image from a information camera," sounds a Reddit post.

"However, here's nan twist - this camera doesn't beryllium to us."

UniFi Protect notification of different customer's cameraUniFi Protect notification of different customer's camera
Source: Reddit

To make matters worse, different Ubiquiti customer says that erstwhile they logged into nan UniFi Site Manager portal to negociate their devices, they saw 88 devices from different customer's account.

"However this clip I was presented with 88 consoles from different account. I had afloat entree to these consoles, conscionable arsenic I would my own. This was only stopped erstwhile I forced a browser refresh, and I was presented again pinch my consoles," explains nan UniFi customer.

"This is somewhat concerning, Has anyone other had this issue?"

Screenshot allegedly showing different customer's UniFi devicesScreenshot allegedly showing different customer's UniFi devices
Source: Ubiquiti forums

A akin acquisition occurred with others connected Reddit who says they logged successful and had entree to personification else's UDM Pro and were capable to negociate nan instrumentality and create further WiFi networks.

In some situations, erstwhile nan portal web page was refreshed, they were shown nan devices usually associated pinch their accounts.

When BleepingComputer contacted Ubiquiti astir these issues, we were told they are presently gathering accusation to measure what is causing nan issues. Ubiquiti says that they will rumor a connection aft nan reappraisal is complete.

Employees person already started gathering accusation connected Reddit and nan company's forums, reaching retired to impacted customers to study much astir what happened.

"This is not expected behavior. We reached retired via Reddit Chat to stitchery much specifications and person our leads reappraisal immediately," reads a comment from an Ubiquiti typical connected Reddit

Some customers are skeptical that this is really happening, saying that Ubiquiti should beryllium fixed clip to analyse nan issue.

However, other customers are frustrated that Ubiquiti is not coming forth with a nationalist connection aliases listing it arsenic a imaginable rumor connected nan company's web position page, considering that users are reporting that they tin modify other's networking configurations.