Ukraine says it hacked Russian aviation agency, leaks data

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Russian Airplane

Ukraine's intelligence service, operating beneath the Defense Ministry, claims they afraid Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency, 'Rosaviatsia,' to betrayal a declared collapse of Russia's aerodynamics sector.

Rosaviatsia is the agency amenable for administering the noncombatant aerodynamics industry in Russia, befitting annal of flight or emergency incidents.

According to an advertisement by Ukraine, afterwards breaching the Russian agency and burglary documents, they bent that Russia's aerodynamics area is adversity due to sanctions and the disability to adjustment planes properly.

Western sanctions on additional genitalia and software updates accept acutely bedfast aliment for Russian airlines. Since aftermost year, operators have reportedly been affected to annihilate earlier aircraft to accumulate their fleets operational.

This cyberattack is an aberrant case of a country aboveboard acceptance to state-level hacking, which the Ukrainian government describes as a "complex appropriate operation in cyberspace."

"The abstracts acquired as a aftereffect of hacking and assimilation of adversary advice systems includes a account of circadian letters of Rosaviatsiya for the absolute Russian Federation for added than a year and a half," reads the announcement.

"Their appraisal shows that the noncombatant aerodynamics area of agitator Russia is on the border of collapse."

Ukraine leaked the baseborn abstracts on a file-sharing site, which is no best available. Therefore, BleepingComputer couldn't analysis files to verify their angary above the samples aggregate in the Ukrainian government's report.

Ukraine says the appraisal of the allegedly baseborn abstracts produced the afterward highlights:

  • In January 2023, Russian noncombatant aerodynamics appear 185 accidents, a third actuality cogent incidents, with the Sukhoi Superjet experiencing 34 emergencies.
  • Russian aircraft malfunctions tripled from 50 in the aboriginal nine months of 2022 to 150 in the aforementioned aeon in 2023.
  • Critical issues in Russian aerodynamics accommodate engines, landing gear, hydraulics, flaps, and software.
  • Russia, adverse aliment challenges, is outsourcing to Iran, area assignment is generally uncertified.
  • By mid-2023, 70% of Russia's 820 foreign-made noncombatant aircraft underwent uncertified aliment application non-authentic parts, up from 10% in March 2022.
  • Russia resorts to "aviation cannibalism," dismantling some aircraft for parts, affecting over 35% of its agile by mid-2023.
  • Most Soviet An-2 aircraft were ashore due to a arrest in Polish agent supplies.
  • In January 2023, Russia's 220 Airbus planes accomplished 19 failures, including 17 smoke incidents in Aeroflot's fleet.
  • Russia's 230 Boeing aircraft had 33 abstruse failures above assorted systems.
  • Every seventh Embraer in Russia's 21-strong agile bootless beneath bounded operating conditions.

"An appraisal of the appearance of aerodynamics incidents from the abstracts acquired indicates that a cardinal of failures, abnormally those accompanying to engines, landing gear, and addition mechanics, are of a systemic type." - Ukrainian government.

Ukraine's intelligence account says this is a absolute backlash of sanctions on the accumulation of additional parts, software updates, apprehension of Russian aircraft in adopted countries, and brake of acceptance to meteorological and added abstracts bare for air navigation.

BleepingComputer cannot affirm the angary of any of the claims fabricated by the Ukrainian government and has accomplished out to Rosaviatsia for comment.