US looking to impose new round of sanctions on chip exports to China

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Huawei made large headlines pinch nan motorboat of its Mate 60 series phones, namely for nan Kirin 9000s spot powering nan caller devices. Despite nan US sanctions, Huawei managed to equip its latest Mate phones pinch 5G tin chipsets manufactured successful China which raised plentifulness of concerns. Several teardowns revealed moreover much components that Huawei had nary business accessing nether nan existent sanctions for illustration SK Hynix RAM. A caller study from Reuters claims that nan Biden management is now looking to instrumentality a caller information of sanctions to avert spot exports to China that were not antecedently blacklisted.

Huawei Mate 60 Pro motherboard pinch Kirin 9000s chip

The study cites an unnamed U.S. charismatic and claims that AI chips will beryllium nan main target successful nan caller information of sanctions. According to nan caller report, nan US will enforce its upcoming spot bans based connected method parameters targeting a wider array of AI chips from being exported to China.

US looking to enforce caller information of sanctions connected spot exports to China

Chips meant for user electronics devices will not beryllium targeted by nan caller curbs but US-based semiconductor manufacturers will request to pass nan US Commerce Department erstwhile they are filling orders for their astir powerful products to companies based successful China. The agency will past look astatine each lawsuit and determine whether nan spot exports whitethorn airs a threat for nationalist security. The US is besides looking to found a caller “performance density parameter” for spot exports that will purpose to forestall early workarounds connected spot exports to China.