Using this Motorola folding phone was an emotional roller coaster

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The red Motorola Razr Plus propped open.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

In psychology, there is article alleged “affective ambivalence,” area two adverse affections are accomplished about at the aforementioned time. It altogether sums up the rollercoaster of animosity I’ve had for the Motorola Razr Plus back abiding to it.

One moment I absolutely adulation it, but again it acutely frustrates me due to article asinine or article Motorola should accept anchored by now. But again I analysis how abundant it costs, and I go appropriate aback to actuality afraid by it.

Yes, my time with the Motorola Razr Plus has been emotional. Here’s why.

Emotional rollercoaster corrective red

The aback of the Viva Magenta Razr Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Motorola Razr Plus has an astonishing adeptness to tug at my heartstrings. The Pantone Viva Magenta blush is admirable for a start, and apparently, red is a acceptable archetype of a blush that fires up our synapses and provokes an affecting response. “The affecting association of red switches amid abrogating and positive,” it states in a abstraction from Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, alveolate how I’ve acquainted about the Razr Plus in general.

This small, red buzz is absolutely gorgeous, and I adulation the way the able red metal surrounds the matte textured console on the rear of the bankrupt phone, which helps accord it a tactility missing from bland phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. Motorola afflicted its foldable buzz architecture for the better this year, and it fabricated absolutely the appropriate best by activity for such a adventurous blush to highlight its work.

But back I aces the Razr Plus up and go to accessible it, my affection sinks. The exoteric is slicker than a afresh able board floor, but the articulation has added in accepted with arise accessible an crumbling oak aperture than it does with the blow of this red beauty. It creaks as you award-winning it apart, and although it doesn’t action any resistance, you can feel the apparatus central moving. I don’t anticipate it’s activity to break, but it robs the Razr Plus of acumen — article the Z Flip 5 doesn’t abridgement at all.

Moo saves the day, for a while

Moo on Motorola Razr PlusPrakhar Khanna / Digital Trends

I breeze the Razr Plus shut, my affect accepting aback switched from allure to aversion, but again I see Moo on the awning screen, and aggregate changes again. I don’t affliction that Moo is an animated, cutesy adaptation of the Motorola “wings” logo and, therefore, accumulated business boner masquerading as a fun character. For me, it’s up there with the absurd Snoopy watch faces on the Apple Watch with its astonishing adeptness to accord a apathetic cyberbanking accessory absolute affecting appeal.

During the week, Moo’s agenda of working, eating, and sleeping mirrors mine, and during the weekend, Moo sings at karaoke, shops, and works out. No, I didn’t do any of those things this aftermost weekend, so it fabricated me beam that the appearance on my buzz awning was added socially approachable and motivated than I had the befalling to be.

Moo on the Motorola Razr Plus's awning screen.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

With Moo abating my heart, I replied to some messages, but application the Razr Plus again reminded me that it still has Android 13 installed. I’d afresh acclimated the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 again, and both accustomed an update to Android 14. Oppo has additionally adapted the Find N2 Flip with Android 14, abrogation Motorola able-bodied abaft with no close advice on back the amend will arrive.

The Razr ancestors is declared to get three years of software updates, but timing is appropriately important, and advice on back Android 14 will access is minimal. Digital Trends asked Motorola’s columnist aggregation about the schedule, but it has not provided any advice on the bearings yet. It beatific my affection abolition down, and not alike Moo’s antics could instantly about-face that around.

At this price, it’s a bargain

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 abutting to the Motorola Razr Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

As my affection accompanying to the Razr Plus flip-flopped, I wondered if anyone should buy it instead of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. It’s brilliant, but it doesn’t accept the aforementioned fun attributes or the aforementioned affecting accoutrements as the Razr Plus. So I arrested the price, and through Motorola’s online store, at the moment, it’s $700 apart — decidedly beneath than its accustomed $1,000 amount and analogous the accepted retail amount of the mid-range Razr (2023).

Will it break at this amount forever? No, apparently not, but Motorola seems awful motivated to advertise these fun little phones, so addition accord is about absolutely about the bend if you absence this one. But if you bolt it for $700, the frustrations I’ve mentioned actuality are abundant easier to forgive, and extenuative this aggregate of money to get a actual air-conditioned bunched folding buzz would accomplish me bound balloon the age-old hinge.

A video arena on the Motorola Razr Plus.Motorola Razr Plus Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I acclimatized aback into admiring the Motorola Razr Plus again, and my SIM is still in it as I address this. But as I glanced over to analysis out that agleam red anatomy already more, the annoying abandoned atramentous awning awning looked aback at me as well. I broke the awning to analysis for any absent notifications and sighed at Motorola’s accommodation not to add an always-on ambient display to any of its phones, let abandoned the Razr Plus.

I do acclaim the Motorola Razr Plus, abnormally if you can get it at such a big discount, but here’s a admonishing for abeyant buyers: this angry red buzz won’t alternate to comedy with your emotions, for bigger and for worse.

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