Vans and North Face owner VF Corp hit by ransomware attack

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VF Corp brands

American world apparel and footwear elephantine VF Corporation, nan proprietor of brands for illustration Supreme, Vans, Timberland, and The North Face, has disclosed a information incident that caused operational disruptions.

VF Corp. is simply a Colorado-based apparel patient owning 13 globally recognized brands. The institution employs 35,000 group and has an yearly gross of $11.6 billion.

Apart from nan brands mentioned above, VF Corp. owns Dickies, Eastpak, Kipling, Napapijri, AND1, JanSport, Icebreaker, Altra Running, and SmartWool.

In a Form 8-K disclosure revenge pinch nan U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) connected Friday, VF informed shareholders of a cyberattack that occurred connected December 13, 2023.

In consequence to nan detected unauthorized entree connected its network, nan institution unopen down immoderate of its systems and brought successful outer experts to thief incorporate nan attack.

However, nan threat actors managed to encrypt immoderate of nan company's computers and bargain individual data.

"The threat character disrupted nan company's business operations by encrypting immoderate IT systems, and stole information from nan company, including individual data," warned VF Corp.

It is unclear if nan stolen information impacts only employees, suppliers, resellers, partners, aliases customers.

While nan onslaught bears each nan hallmarks of a ransomware attack, astatine nan clip of penning this, nary ransomware groups person taken work for nan incident.

The effect of nan incident connected nan company's cognition is important and is expected to person a lasting effect connected nan business.

"The institution is moving to bring nan impacted portions of its IT systems backmost online and instrumentality workarounds for definite offline operations pinch nan purpose of reducing disruption to its expertise to service its unit and marque e-commerce consumers and wholesale customers," reads nan SEC filing.

"As of nan day of this filing, nan incident has had and is reasonably apt to proceed to person a worldly effect connected nan company's business operations until betterment efforts are completed."

VF Corp says its beingness unit stores will run usually worldwide. Still, customers will apt acquisition delays successful nan fulfillment of online orders aliases an inability to spot orders connected immoderate of nan said brands' e-commerce sites.

The institution is still assessing nan afloat grade of nan information breach and its imaginable effect connected financials and operations. The timing of nan incident during nan Christmas shopping play nary uncertainty exacerbates nan situation.