Verizon says 63K employees' info fell into the wrong hands – an insider this time

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Verizon is notifying much than 63,000 people, mostly existent employees, that an insider, accidentally aliases otherwise, had inappropriate entree to their individual data.

The privateness blunder happened successful September, and nan American telco elephantine attributed it to "inadvertent disclosure" and "insider wrongdoing" successful documents submitted to nan Maine Attorney General. The Pine Tree state's strict information nonaccomplishment rules require information snafu disclosures, moreover though successful this lawsuit only 82 of its residents were straight affected.

At nan bosom of nan drama: A Verizon worker apparently obtained a record that they shouldn't person had entree to, containing individual accusation including: names, addresses, Social Security numbers aliases different nationalist identifiers, gender, national affiliation (if applicable), dates of birth, and compensation information. 

Of nan 63,206 group to person privateness breach notifications [PDF], "the immense mostly of nan impacted are existent Verizon employees," spokesperson Rich Young told The Register. There are immoderate erstwhile Verizon labor included who they will beryllium notified and offered nan aforesaid [identity protection] services arsenic existent squad members."

An soul reappraisal of nan correction remains ongoing, though arsenic of now it does not look to beryllium a rogue insider intent connected trading coworker info connected criminal marketplaces, we're told.

"There is nary denotation of malicious intent nor do we judge nan accusation was shared externally," Verizon's Young said.

When asked what, if anything, happened to nan worker down nan inadvertent disclosure, Young added: "We're not going to talk immoderate worker progressive arsenic these are private, unit matters."

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In ray of nan snafu, Verizon tells america it is boosting its method controls to forestall early unauthorized record access. The cellular elephantine is besides offering affected individuals 2 years of free in installments monitoring and personality protection services and if fraud occurs, they tin person up to $1 cardinal successful reimbursement for stolen costs and expenses.

Verizon's astir caller information snafu happened backmost successful October 2022 erstwhile immoderate of its prepaid customers' accounts were compromised by crooks attempting to hijack their telephone numbers via SIM swapping methods.

"Between October 6 and October 10, 2022, a 3rd statement character accessed nan past 4 digits of nan in installments paper utilized to make automatic payments connected your account," nan mobile web usability said astatine nan time.

From there, nan criminals attempted to transportation nan victims' telephone numbers to different devices, which would let nan fraudsters to entree one-time information codes and past break into nan victims' banking apps and different online accounts. ®