Vision Pro durability test turns up a few surprises

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Trevor Mogg

By Trevor Mogg February 4, 2024 11:40PM

Apple Vision Pro DURABILITY Test! Worth $3500?

A durability trial performed connected Apple’s caller Vision Pro headset has revealed a bunch of things we weren’t expecting.

In an admittedly unscientific test, tech YouTuber AppleTrack strapped nan caller Vision Pro mixed-reality instrumentality to his caput and spent immoderate clip stepping into walls and doors to spot really nan solid beforehand connected Apple’s newest instrumentality held up. He besides dropped nan headset from a awesome tallness to spot if it stayed intact aliases shattered into a 1000 mini pieces. It did neither, but much connected that later.

At nan commencement of his video, AppleTrack’s Sam Kohl offers immoderate very important proposal for anyone forking retired a hefty $3,499 for Apple’s caller Vision Pro headset. And that is: Avoid picking up nan headset by nan ray seal. It turns retired that nan magnetic relationship betwixt nan seal and nan main instrumentality is not that beardown and it easy comes distant if you prime up nan headset only by nan seal. Such a mishap could spot your pricey headset clang to nan floor, risking harm to your marque caller Vision Pro.

For nan durability test, Kohl plonks nan Vision Pro connected his caput and spends astir 40 minutes stepping into things. Of course, fewer group are this clumsy truthful it’s an unreal workout — Kohl simply wanted to sound it against various surfaces pinch nan weight of his caput down it to spot really nan solid and nan remainder of nan instrumentality held up. Despite each of nan knocks and bumps, nan solid really remained successful fantabulous condition, pinch only a fewer insignificant scuffs appearing.

During nan trial it becomes evident that successful pass-through mode wherever nan existent world is visible done nan headset, nan Vision Pro doesn’t connection a “move back” informing notification if you travel excessively adjacent to an object. Such notifications only look erstwhile you’re successful nan immersive mode successful a virtual environment, though moreover past Kohl recovered that specified alerts tin beryllium slow to show up.

Keen to bash it a spot harder but reluctant to suffer concussion for nan liking of his craft, Kohl takes disconnected nan headset and smacks it against nan wall pinch greater unit than before. More scratches appears, but wide nan solid continues to stay intact.

A driblet trial from caput tallness again does small to problem nan glass, but Kohl past tries retired nan instrumentality for nan first clip since nan commencement of nan trial and discovers that nan near speaker nary longer works. He besides spots a mini ace successful nan set astir nan correct hinge astir an inch backmost from nan glass. “I was not expecting that to beryllium nan portion of Vision Pro that goes first,” Kohl comments. The aforesaid ace appears connected nan different broadside a short while later.

Finally, nan YouTuber drops the Vision Pro from measurement supra his ahead, a region that causes nan solid to yet shatter, though it still holds together. As he peels disconnected nan surgery glass, Kohl is delighted to observe that nan instrumentality continues to activity arsenic normal. His camera usability moreover suggests that nan EyeSight integer practice of nan wearer’s eyes — a characteristic that has travel successful for disapproval for its questionable value — connected nan now glass-free Vision Pro surface “may moreover look a small spot better.”

No, we’re not suggesting you spell and whip nan solid disconnected your Vision Pro for a amended EyeSight experience, but it’s possibly reassuring to cognize that if you do extremity up pinch a cracked surface and you don’t person AppleCare Plus to screen nan damage, past you don’t needfully person to driblet $799 connected caller glass.

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