Vision Pro headset proves buggy for prominent Apple tipster

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A personification wears an Apple Vision Pro successful a dim room.Apple’s Vision Pro headset reached nan first customers connected February 2. Apple

Apple’s caller Vision Pro mixed-reality headset appears to beryllium nan buggiest first-generation instrumentality ever launched by nan tech giant.

That’s nan sentiment of Mark Gurman, Bloomberg newsman and a reliable Apple tipster who successful nan past fewer years has offered a slew of reliable leaks astir nan Vision Pro’s development.

Gurman picked up his ain Vision Pro during nan device’s motorboat time connected Friday, and since past he’s been putting it done its paces.

Writing connected societal media connected Sunday, Gurman said: “The Vision Pro package makes nan instrumentality nan buggiest first-gen Apple merchandise I’ve used. Some things don’t activity decently aliases consistently.”

Though he has yet to stock immoderate examples, he added that arsenic a result, “software updates will request to travel much quickly and often than connected anterior products. And erstwhile they do, I judge it’ll beryllium incredible.”

In another post, Gurman compared nan Vision Pro to different Apple devices, suggesting that Apple’s first smartphone ran overmuch much smoothly erstwhile it came out. “The iPhone wasn’t buggy from what I recall; It was conscionable missing a lot. The Watch was buggy, but little so; its hardware was behind. The Vision Pro does a ton and its hardware is good ahead. That’s not a bad start.”

In his latest Power On newsletter shared connected Sunday, nan Bloomberg newsman besides talked astir his acquisition connected Friday erstwhile he went to an Apple Store to cod his caller Vision Pro headset, noting really nan process is really reasonably analyzable arsenic it includes an in-depth objection of nan device, arsenic good arsenic a fitting convention for comfortableness and besides to guarantee that nan appropriately sized ray seal is added.

In fact, Gurman recovered nan process of selecting nan perfect ray seal to beryllium nan trickiest portion of nan setup. Light was bleeding successful from nan bottommost during nan demonstration, he said, and he ended up buying a 2nd seal truthful that he could effort some astatine location (he’s since returned 1 but says he could yet switch it out).

The caller Vision Pro proprietor besides said that arsenic different reviewers had been raving astir nan video quality, it was “hard not to beryllium somewhat underwhelmed” erstwhile he saw it for himself, while besides adding that he was pleasantly amazed to observe that nan instrumentality didn’t consciousness arsenic dense connected his caput arsenic he’d been expecting.

He added that his early belief is that Apple’s Vision Pro headset will beryllium “the eventual movie-watching gadget, a awesome videoconferencing machine, and an replacement to laptops for ray computing connected nan go.”

Check retired some of nan champion Vision Pro apps that are disposable astatine launch.

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None of that matters, though, if group who deterioration glasses can't usage medicine lenses to bask nan Vision Pro's large, crisp screens. That mightiness beryllium 1 of nan astir important questions to reply for much than half of nan U.S. organization that deterioration glasses aliases interaction lenses -- and nan reply isn't great.
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