Vision Pro software update brings a very important change

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Trevor Mogg

By Trevor Mogg February 12, 2024 5:20PM

The beforehand visor of nan Vision Pro connected show astatine an Apple Store.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

Apple has conscionable released a package update for nan Vision Pro headset that launched conscionable complete a week agone — and it’s an important one.

That’s because it offers a elemental measurement to reset your instrumentality if you hide nan passcode that you created for it.

The rumor deed nan news conscionable days aft nan $3,499 Vision Pro headset began landing successful nan hands of nan first customers connected February 2. Before Monday’s update rolled out, if you forgot your Vision Pro passcode you’d person to take it into an Apple unit store to get unit to reset nan device. Even worse, if location was nary shop nearby, you’d person to vessel it to AppleCare customer support.

The bully news is that Monday’s update — visionOS 1.0.3 — brings an extremity to this imaginable farce, allowing immoderate specified reset to beryllium made quickly and successful nan comfortableness of your ain home. Spotted connected Apple’s update pages by MacRumors, nan package tin beryllium installed by opening nan Vision Pro’s settings app and heading to nan package update section.

It’s not clear really galore group ended up having to spell to an Apple unit shop pinch their Vision Pro aliases vessel it wrong conscionable a fewer days of receiving nan device, but it was intelligibly an absurd process to person to spell done successful bid to reset it. With an iPhone, for example, you’re fixed an on-screen action to reset nan handset if you hide nan passcode. If you prime it, you simply participate your Apple ID and password to erase nan phone’s contented earlier restoring it utilizing a backup from nan iCloud aliases your computer. You surely don’t person to traipse on to an Apple Store to get nan occupation done.

This is nan 3rd package update issued by Apple for nan Vision Pro, and nan first since nan instrumentality started shipping. Besides a simplified reset procedure, nan update besides includes unspecified “important” bug fixes, according to Apple’s merchandise notes.

In different Vision Pro news, Apple engineers moving connected nan headset person reportedly claimed that it will apt return 4 generations of nan instrumentality for it to scope its perfect form, pinch expected improvements coming to nan headset’s size, weight, comfort, software, usability, and more.

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