VMware channel partner rates new product bundles and subs-only licenses 'very attractive'

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VMware by Broadcom, arsenic nan erstwhile VMware is now known, has successful caller days dished retired invited news for its faithful.

Earlier this week, Michael Roy, merchandise statement head for nan Workstation and Fusion desktop hypervisors, revealed nan products will continue.

"VMware by Broadcom is committed to our attraction connected nan desktop hypervisor products and platform, coming and into nan future," he wrote. "Users will proceed to beryllium capable to acquisition and usage our favourite desktop hypervisor apps nan aforesaid measurement they person been for nan past respective years. As well, folks will proceed to beryllium capable to download and usage nan 'Free for Personal Use' editions of Fusion Player and Workstation Player nan aforesaid measurement they did previously."

"We're each truthful very proud of what our mini squad has been capable to execute successful nan look of each kinds of challenges, truthful it brings maine tremendous joyousness to stock this message," Roy added. That reference to nan team's accomplishment is simply a motion to nan October release of a large upgrade to Fusion – nan desktop hypervisor for macOS – and nan Workstation Pro merchandise for Windows and Linux.

Speculation astir nan destiny of Fusion and Workstation centered connected nan truth neither is simply a immense money-spinner. Some besides felt, incorrectly, that nan products were portion of nan end-user compute business that Broadcom plans to divest.

Developers, vAdmins, and different users who trust connected nan desktop hypervisors tin remainder easy.

So tin those who for illustration to play pinch experimental VMware code, successful nan shape of nan unsupported "Flings" that Virtzilla has for years utilized to trial caller features aliases capable successful nan gaps successful its products. A fewer weeks earlier nan Broadcom/VMware woody closed, nan tract dedicated to Flings closed.

On Thursday, VMware by Broadcom staffer William Lam announced that Flings person been relaunched nether nan attraction of Broadcom's VMware Cloud Division.

That's nan Division Broadcom CEO Hock Tan has declared is cardinal to his strategy for VMware – suggesting Flings person powerful backing.

  • Broadcom re-orgs VMware into 4 divisions – nary of which mention end-user compute products
  • VMware president Sumit Dhawan retired – scores gig arsenic CEO of infosec vendor Proofpoint
  • 1 successful 5 VMware customers scheme to jump disconnected its stack adjacent year
  • Broadcom asserts VMware's strategy isn't moving and it fundamentally needs rescuing

The Register has asked Broadcom to item nan licensing and merchandise strategy changes announced earlier this week, but has not received a response.

But an early study of nan changes – posted by Yves Sandfort, CEO of VMware partner comdivision – suggests customers should for illustration nan caller subscription licenses.

"We did immoderate preliminary pricing validations for customers. So far, I must opportunity it looks very bully and very attractive," he declared successful a video. "So acold astatine slightest we couldn't spot nan monolithic value increases everybody was expecting. It really looks very good." ®