Want to charge your AirPods Pro via USB-C? That’ll cost $99

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Simon Cohen

By Simon Cohen December 13, 2023 12:09PM

Apple AirPods Pro Second Gen charging lawsuit pinch USB-C.Caleb Denison / Digital Trends

Apple now sells nan USB-C type of its AirPods Pro Gen 2 charging lawsuit connected its own, which is bully news for anyone who wants to move to USB-C charging for their existing second-gen AirPods Pro. However, nan move from lightning to USB-C will travel pinch a hefty premium: Apple is asking $99 for nan , as noted by nan Verge, aliases half nan value that’s presently advertised connected Amazon for a new, complete group of AirPods Pro second-gen pinch USB-C.

Apple AirPods Pro Second Gen charging lawsuit pinch USB-C and charging lawsuit pinch Lightning.Apple AirPods Pro second-gen charging lawsuit pinch USB-C (left) and nan second-gen charging lawsuit pinch Lightning. Caleb Denison / Digital Trends

The bad news for folks who ain nan earlier AirPods Pro Gen 2 earbuds (and who for illustration their Lightning-equipped charging case) is that Apple is now all-in connected USB-C. It nary longer sells replacement AirPods Pro Gen 2 cases pinch Lightning, and aft immoderate speedy googling, it looks for illustration very fewer retailers transportation them either. You whitethorn still find it arsenic a refurbished point connected sites for illustration Walmart.

Still, nan USB-C version of nan lawsuit — which has UWB for much meticulous location tracking, positive a built-in speaker — is afloat compatible pinch immoderate type of nan AirPods Pro Gen 2 earbuds (though not nan first-gen, truthful purchaser beware), moreover if you primitively bought yours pinch an Apple Lightning connector. It besides has nan use of being particulate and h2o resistant pinch an IP54 rating. The Lighting type was only h2o resistant astatine IPX4.

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If you’re reasoning of switching to USB-C correct away, aliases possibly you’re reasoning nan standalone lawsuit mightiness make for a bully vacation gift, you whitethorn want to set your plans. Arrival vessel dates for astir awesome U.S. cities appears to beryllium starting connected December 26 arsenic of coming (December 13).

Alternatively, you mightiness simply want to wait. There’s a bully chance that Apple will connection a afloat revamp of nan AirPods Pro sometime successful 2024, and if they travel pinch some of nan features we’re hoping for, they’ll apt beryllium immoderate of nan best wireless earbuds you tin buy.

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