Want to go to the 2024 Super Bowl for free? Paramount+ is giving away tickets

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The 2024 Super Bowl isn’t for different 2 months, but what shot instrumentality could walk up a chance to spell to nan large game for free? It’s nan dream for many, but only 1 streaming work is making a crippled retired of it. Paramount+ has announced that it’s giving distant 58 tickets for a Super Bowl LVIII VIP acquisition successful Las Vegas successful nan recently launched Hide & Peak interactive sweepstakes.

It’s easy to participate and play, but you will person to activity for it. To enter, Paramount+ subscribers will person to find QR codes that are hidden successful nan advertisement bumpers earlier immoderate of nan streamers’ movies and TV shows. The drawback is that players will person to travel Paramount+’s societal media accounts to get hints astir wherever nan QR codes are located. Once fans person nan codes, they tin scan them and get connected a landing page that will let them to formally motion up for a chance to win.

L'Jarius Sneed of nan Kansas City Chiefs repositions himself for nan adjacent drive.NFL

Of course, if you support way of everything new connected Paramount+, there’s a chance that you could stumble crossed nan QR codes without really trying to. But this is simply a crippled wherever you really should return each advantage possible, truthful support successful mind that caller codes will beryllium dropped each Thursday for nan adjacent 3 weeks, giving subscribers a full of 9 chances to win. In summation to airfare, here’s what nan prize package looks like:

● Two charismatic Super Bowl LVIII crippled tickets
● All-inclusive pre-game hospitality
● Roundtrip game-day transportation
● Weekend on-location lounge access
● Evening pinch a Legend cocktail reception
● Three-night enactment successful Las Vegas
● Super Bowl LVIII Experience access
● Super Bowl LVIII Gifting Experience
● Concierge impermanent services

“We couldn’t beryllium much excited to beryllium nan streaming location of CBS Sports’ position of Super Bowl LVIII and scheme to make excitement some connected and disconnected nan section pinch original and imaginative campaigns, specified arsenic this interactive sweepstakes,” said Paramount Streaming’s Domenic DiMeglio successful a statement. “The integer activation gives america nan chance to prosecute audiences wrong our work while besides giving backmost to immoderate of our fortunate fans pinch 58 tickets successful grant of Super Bowl LVIII.”

The title has already started, truthful what are you waiting for? Head to Paramount+’s Hide & Peak site for much info!

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