Warp speed

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Webinar Sometimes, conscionable sometimes, Star Trek's inimitable Starship Enterprise would suffer harm to its hull which would group nan formed falling astir for illustration skittles. Only pinch immoderate nail-biting engineering derring-do could nan trade participate a authorities of warp velocity safely.

The aforesaid benignant of hardware resilience is needed to utilization nan powerfulness of ample connection models (LLMs) and generative AI successful nan existent world today, peculiarly erstwhile it comes to optimizing nan required processor and retention architecture.

GPU compute tin connection precocious capacity of course, but does it travel pinch a costly value tag and is your IT team's existent knowledge up to moving pinch it?

Just arsenic Star Trek's main technologist Scottie was adept astatine coming up pinch a save-the-day response, study really Lambda Labs and DDN tin connection tailored solutions to meet your contiguous needs. With cloud-based and on-prem options estimated astatine up to 40 percent faster than different GPU-accelerated unreality platforms, they tin present results successful days alternatively than months.

Join nan Register's Tim Phillips connected 20 September astatine 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT successful speech pinch David Hall of Lambda and James Coomer of DDN arsenic they research nan challenges often associated pinch deploying generative AI and LLMs.

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