We found the worst Apple Watch Series 9 problems (and how to fix them)

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A personification wearing nan Apple Watch Series 9, utilizing nan Digital Crown.Apple Watch Series 9 Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Apple Watch is 1 of nan astir celebrated smartwatches connected nan marketplace today, and this year, we person nan Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Though they look precisely for illustration their predecessors and don’t person breathtaking caller wellness sensors, this year’s Apple Watches do person immoderate nosy caller features. For example, Double Tap is simply a caller motion that lets you execute definite actions connected nan Apple Watch one-handed, and nan caller S9 spot allows Siri to execute localized requests alternatively than relying connected a information connection.

But moreover nan Apple Watch isn’t perfect. You whitethorn bump into immoderate problems each now and then. If that’s you correct now, we person a fewer tips to get you backmost connected track. Here are immoderate communal Apple Watch Series 9 problems and really you tin hole them.

Double Tap isn’t working

A personification utilizing Double Tap connected nan Apple Watch Series 9.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Double Tap characteristic is 1 of nan champion caller features of nan caller Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. This caller motion lets you do things for illustration reply calls, move disconnected your alarm, reply to messages, and more. To do nan Double Tap gesture, you simply pat your scale digit and thumb together twice.

No further setup is required to alteration Double Tap connected nan Apple Watch Series 9 aliases Apple Watch Ultra 2 (these are nan only compatible models correct now). So, anyone who has nan caller Apple Watches should beryllium capable to entree Double Tap correct away. But if it’s not moving for you, location could beryllium a fewer reasons why.

The Double Tap awesome connected nan Apple Watch Series 9Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

First, you request to make judge that your Apple Watch is connected watchOS 10.1, arsenic this package type enables nan feature. You could besides guarantee that Double Tap wasn’t turned disconnected accidentally by going to Settings > Gestures and making judge Double Tap is on.

Another point to statement is that Double Tap is not disposable erstwhile nan Apple Watch is successful Low Power Mode aliases nan Sleep Focus is active. It besides does not activity erstwhile nan surface is inactive (wrist down), and definite accessibility features whitethorn disable it.

Lastly, Double Tap is not disposable astatine each connected Apple Watches that are group up for a family personnel – it only useful for your ain Apple Watch Series 9 aliases Ultra 2 and if it is connected your wrist and unlocked.

Watch look complications not showing up

The Nike Globe watch look connected nan Apple Watch Series 9.Nike Globe watch face Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

One of nan champion things astir an Apple Watch is nan watch faces. While immoderate of nan watch faces that are offered successful watchOS are elemental aliases animated, others tin beryllium overmuch much informative pinch your prime of app complications. With complications, you tin spot bits of information for illustration nan existent temperature, date, upcoming almanac events, erstwhile nan sun sets, and more.

But sometimes, you whitethorn brushwood blips wherever nan complication you’ve chosen conscionable isn’t showing up aliases isn’t moving properly. For example, galore group were complaining astir Apple’s Weather app complication not loading decently for a while. There are a fewer different ways to remedy this.

First, you’ll want to make judge that everything is up to date. This includes nan type of watchOS that you are running, arsenic good arsenic making judge nan app itself is besides current. If that does not work, effort rebooting nan Apple Watch by turning it disconnected and backmost connected again.

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Series 8 showing nan ambient displays.The Apple Watch Series 9 (left) and Apple Watch Series 8 Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

If those emblematic steps don’t work, you could effort replacing nan complication that isn’t moving pinch thing else, make judge that 1 loads connected nan watch face, and past move it backmost to nan original complication you’re trying to get to work.

A communal rumor pinch nan Weather complication not moving was because it was group to “current location,” which seemed to origin issues pinch immoderate users. If that’s nan case, effort mounting nan location to a circumstantial metropolis alternatively of nan existent location and spot if that works.

And if each other fails, you could effort restoring nan Apple Watch, but make judge that you person your information backed up first.

Bad artillery life

The Apple Watch Series 9 connected charge.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2 person exceptional artillery life, pinch a azygous complaint lasting astir 36 hours. However, nan regular Apple Watch Series 9 does not person specified long-lasting artillery life, arsenic it still only gets astir a afloat time of usage earlier you should juice it up again. However, you mightiness consciousness for illustration your artillery should past longer than it is. Luckily, location are a fewer things you could do.

The champion solution to widen nan artillery life of your Apple Watch Series 9 (or older) is to move connected Low Power Mode. In this mode, nan magnitude of powerfulness that is utilized is reduced, extending nan artillery life. Of course, you’ll person to make immoderate compromises — Low Power Mode will move disconnected nan always-on display, Double Tap, Time successful Daylight, bosom complaint notifications, inheritance bosom complaint and humor oxygen measurements, and commencement workout reminder.

Another important measurement to guarantee that you’re maximizing artillery life is to make judge you’re moving nan latest type of watchOS.

Control Center connected nan Apple Watch Series 9.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Since nan Apple Watch Series 5, Apple has added an always-on show for each Apple Watch (except for nan SE). Of course, having nan show ever connected takes up power, truthful you could trim that by turning disconnected nan always-on show if you don’t request it. Combining that pinch turning disconnected raise to aftermath (tap nan surface to aftermath instead) tin widen nan artillery life further.

By default, Background App Refresh is connected and controls inheritance entree to information that you’ve fixed definite apps to read. This is simply a bully action to move disconnected if you don’t request it, and you tin do truthful by going to nan Watch app connected your iPhone, selecting General, going to Background App Refresh, and turning it disconnected wholly aliases for circumstantial apps. The apps that you’ve selected for watch look complications will proceed to tally moreover if nan Background App Refresh mounting is off.

If nary of those person worked, you could usage nan past edifice action and reconstruct your Apple Watch. Again, make judge your information is backed up first earlier nuking it.

A flickering display

A personification wearing nan Apple Watch Series 9, showing nan Snoopy watch faceAndy Boxall / Digital Trends

Some users person reported issues pinch flickering displays connected nan Apple Watch Series 9. This rumor involves nan show brightness flickering aliases “pulses” connected affected models pinch nan always-on show enabled. Though astir of nan affected models are nan Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, older models are not immune. The communal denominator is watchOS 10.

If you are experiencing this problem, Apple has advised that work providers do not hole affected displays. Instead, Apple has said to support nan watchOS package up-to-date.

But if you want a impermanent solution correct now, Apple says you tin move disconnected nan always-on show for nan clip being. Another rumor arose wherever immoderate complications, for illustration nan Activity rings, whitethorn move pinkish temporarily. There is nary known hole for this rumor speech from waiting it out.

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