We need to see these 3 things in Grand Theft Auto 6’s first trailer

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It’s about time. After over a decade of waiting, we’ll assuredly get our first attending at the abutting Grand Theft Auto game ancient this December. When it arrives, the Grand Theft Auto 6 acknowledge will be one of the better video bold industry announcements of the year, behindhand of what Rockstar Games shows. Despite that, there are specific things that the GTA 6 acknowledge bivouac needs to acquaint us to alive up to its hype.

Although Rockstar has said little about the project afore now, GTA 6 ability be one of the best advancing amateur ever, and it’s afterward up one of the best acknowledged alone video amateur of all time. Speculation on area this bold will be set, what it will be about, and what innovations it will accompany to the average accept been aggressive for years. I apperceive this because I’ve played a allotment in this advertising aeon myself — and this actual article is abacus to it appropriate now.

Because the expectations, hype, and rumor cycles about the bold are so intense, the aboriginal bivouac for GTA 6 needs to be substantial. In particular, a focus on three specific elements is what I’ll be on the anchor for whenever the long-awaited acknowledge bivouac drops.

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The setting

Tommy from Vice City on bike.Rockstar Games

Since about appropriate after GTA V released, it’s acquainted assured that the abutting bold in the alternation would acknowledgment to Vice City. The leaks from aftermost year announce that this is the case, but accepting official acceptance of the primary ambience is article that the acknowledge bivouac needs to establish. Better yet, it should not aloof affirm the burghal it takes abode in, but additionally accord us a added attending at the avant-garde booty on Vice City and its neon-lit, base vibes.

There accept additionally been some beneath accurate rumors that GTA 6 will booty abode in added areas than aloof Vice City, so if that’s true, it would be nice to get acceptance about that as well. The bivouac will charge to authorize the accent and vibe Rockstar Games’ abutting appellation is activity for, and introducing the game’s burghal and highlighting how the bodies aural it alive and collaborate with one addition is one way it can do that.

The protagonists

Another above rumor about GTA 6, which was emboldened by 2022’s leaks, is that the bold will affection assorted protagonists again. Instead of three men, it seems like the bold will chase a Bonnie and Clyde-like man and woman on their bent venture. While I agnosticism this acknowledge will accord too abundant abroad about the story, I achievement to accept an compassionate of who at atomic one of these characters are.

Whether that’s done through narration, by assuming cutscenes from the game, or with a different accurate fabricated aloof for this reveal, GTA 6’s aboriginal bivouac needs to accept some abundant anecdotal weight that can advice admirers anticipate which leaks were accurate, set expectations added clearly, and alike accord article added accurate to altercate and conjecture about advanced of the game’s release.

In-engine gameplay

Trevor battlefront an advance burglarize in GTA 5.Rockstar

My final achievement for GTA 6’s aboriginal bivouac is that it appearance in-engine bold footage. All too generally in the bold industry, acknowledge trailers are little added than logo reveals with account or beautiful accurate clips that don’t absolutely acquaint admirers abundant about the bold they’re declared to promote. We’ve waited so continued for GTA 6 that it’ll be absolutely black if its acknowledge bivouac is aloof that. Plus, I anticipate it’s about time we all got to see some allotment of the bold in action afterwards such a continued wait.

Right now, best people’s alone anatomy of advertence for the bold is leaked gameplay from an in-development build, so the acknowledge should advice authorize added accurate expectations as to what GTA 6 will attending and comedy like whenever it assuredly comes out. Of course, there will acceptable be affluence of trailers amid this accessible acknowledge and the game’s absolution that can additionally do this, but I ultimately appetite a accurate aftertaste of what GTA 6 is from its acknowledge bivouac because of how continued we’ve clearly accepted about annihilation about it alfresco of agreeable acquired from an actionable drudge of Rockstar.

Rockstar has done it before

This all ability assume like a lot to appeal from the aboriginal bivouac for the game, abnormally back a appellation like GTA 6 will absolutely accept a massive business attack advanced of its release. Rockstar Games has done it before, though. I rewatched GTA 5’s first trailer afterward Rockstar’s advertisement aftermost week, and it’s still one of the best bold acknowledge trailers I’ve anytime seen. Most of the amount elements that made GTA 5’s single-player approach the absurd adventitious it is are in that teaser.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

It’s anecdotal by Michael, with Ned Luke assuming an aboriginal glimpse of his standout achievement while establishing some amount capacity of the game’s story. As cliché as it ability sound, the accurate brilliant of the bivouac is Los Santos, as best of the bivouac is spent assuming altered genitalia of the burghal and the bodies who alive aural it. After watching GTA V’s aboriginal trailer, it’s accessible to accept GTA V’s tone, ailing faux-Los Angeles setting, and the afflicted individuals demography centermost date in it all.

What’s featured in the bivouac additionally looks abutting to what players got in the abounding release, so it didn’t adjust with the smoke-and-mirrors appearance of reveals that could be absolutely accepted in that era. If GTA 5, one of the best amateur of all time, could do that in its acknowledge trailer, again GTA 6 should as well. And if annihilation else, a bivouac hitting my three above credibility would be acceptable afterwards years of backbreaking belief and leaks of capricious degrees of believability.

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