What are you playing this weekend?

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Are you enjoying your play truthful far? Hopefully, you are reveling successful nan downtime by playing a fewer games.

A fewer of america aren’t playing thing this play because we person overmuch to do, specified arsenic acting nan big and taking attraction of things astir nan house, aliases we’re retired visiting friends aliases family. But, location are capable of america who do scheme to occurrence a crippled aliases 2 up, and that’s who person shared their plans for nan weekend.

Over nan adjacent mates of days, our activity pals will beryllium getting into brawls, exploring nan Lands Between, defeating Shadows arsenic nan latest enlistee of SEES, and trying to fig retired why we’re getting bizarre matter messages from our precocious friend.

TEKKEN 8 – Accolades Trailer

Tekken 8 accolades trailer

Connor Makar, Staff Writer – Tekken 8

It’s conscionable beryllium Tekken 8 again this weekend. The crippled is truthful bully – for illustration absurdly good. I’m climbing nan ranks and figuring worldly out. Having a blast pinch Dragonov, and thriving.

I whitethorn walk a spot of clip successful World of Warcraft Classic but I’m successful nary rush. Expect overmuch of nan aforesaid from maine successful nan coming weeks and months.

Cover image for YouTube videoELDEN RING – Rise, Tarnished | Official Launch Trailer

Elden Ring – Rise, Tarnished

James Billcliffe, Guides Editor – Elden Ring

What 13-hour YouTube video do you autumn dormant to? Apparently, my mum listens to nan sound of a hoover (I’m not joking), but precocious I’ve been led to nan onshore of motion by Elden Ring lore.

We each cognize it’s a genuinely typical game, stuffed to nan stars pinch backstory and infinitesimal detail, but amount doesn’t really matter if what’s location isn’t precocious quality.

As you’d expect from a collab betwixt FromSoftware and George R. R. Martin, Elden Ring has sewage a batch of nosy worldly going connected nether nan hood, truthful this play I’ll beryllium starting a lore tourer run. That intends spinning up arsenic OP a build arsenic I tin muster and gawping astatine nan trash mobs pinch a caller consciousness of wonder.

Cover image for YouTube videoPersona 3 Reload – Launch Trailer | Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC

Persona 3 Reload Launch Trailer

Kelsey Raynor, Guides Writer – Persona 3 Reload

I’m readying to person yet different lazy weekend. I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 this week, truthful I’m thoroughly successful nan temper to beryllium backmost and watch each nan cowboy movies retired location that I’ve antecedently ne'er had an liking in.

I’ll apt play immoderate Persona 3 Reload arsenic good because I’ve been looking guardant to yet playing nan crippled aft trying Persona (Persona 4 Golden to beryllium specific) for nan first clip past year. I had a awesome clip pinch P4G, truthful here’s to hoping I person conscionable arsenic overmuch nosy pinch P3R.

I’ll update everyone connected what I deliberation astatine immoderate constituent successful nan adjacent century, depending connected really agelong P3R takes to get through.

Cover image for YouTube videoSilent Hill: The Short Message – Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Silent Hill: The Short Message – Launch Trailer

Rebecca Jones, Guides Writer – Outer Wilds, and Silent Hill: The Short Message

I’ve sewage a definite lawsuit of nan post-game blues since finishing my Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney reappraisal playthrough, not helped by being rather sick for nan past mates of weeks, truthful I’ve been mostly picking distant astatine nan accustomed suspects (Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact, Animal Crossing: New Horizons) while I hold for inspiration and power to onslaught truthful I tin commencement up thing much story-driven again. I’ve besides been hankering to make immoderate clip for The Sims 4, particularly pinch nan franchise’s day this weekend, truthful that’ll thief maine put disconnected making a existent determination for different mates of days.

Meantime though I person been co-piloting my partner’s playthrough of Outer Wilds, which someway neither of america has ever played earlier contempt it being a five-year-old crippled that’s wholly our jam.

I’ve besides downloaded Silent Hill: The Short Message, truthful this weirdly in-between-feeling play mightiness beryllium a bully opportunity to springiness that a go.

The Simpsons Movie Image credit: 20th Century FOX

There ya go! So, what are you playing this weekend? Let america know!