What is a virtual power plant? An energy expert explains

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After astir 2 decades of stagnation, U.S. energy request is surging, driven by increasing numbers of electrical cars, information centers and aerial conditioners successful a warming climate. But accepted powerfulness plants that make energy from coal, natural gas aliases nuclear energy are retiring faster than caller ones are being built successful this country. Most new supply is coming from upwind and star farms, whose output varies pinch nan weather.

That’s near powerfulness companies seeking caller ways to equilibrium proviso and demand. One action they’re turning to is virtual powerfulness plants.

These aren’t monolithic accommodation generating energy astatine a azygous site. Rather, they are aggregations of energy producers, consumers and storers—collectively known arsenic distributed energy resources—that grid managers tin telephone connected arsenic needed.

Some of these sources, specified arsenic batteries, whitethorn present stored electric power. Others whitethorn beryllium large energy consumers, specified arsenic factories, whose owners person agreed to trim backmost their powerfulness usage erstwhile request is high, freeing up power for different customers. Virtual powerfulness sources typically are quicker to tract and build, and tin beryllium cleaner and cheaper to operate, than caller powerfulness plants.

A increasing resource

Virtual powerfulness plants aren’t new. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that location are already 30 to 60 gigawatts of them successful cognition today. A gigawatt is 1 cardinal watts—roughly nan output of 2.5 cardinal star photovoltaic panels aliases 1 ample atomic reactor.

Most of these virtual powerfulness plants are business customers that person agreed to trim request erstwhile conditions are tight. But arsenic increasing numbers of homes and mini businesses adhd rooftop star panels, batteries and electrical cars, these power customers tin go not only consumers but besides suppliers of powerfulness to nan grid.

For example, homeowners tin complaint up their batteries pinch rooftop star erstwhile it’s sunny, and discharge powerfulness backmost to nan grid successful nan evening erstwhile request is precocious and prices sometimes spike.

As smart thermostats and h2o heaters, rooftop solar panels and batteries alteration much customers to participate successful them, DOE estimates that virtual powerfulness plants could triple successful standard by 2030. That could screen astir half of nan caller capacity that nan U.S. will request to screen increasing request and switch retiring older powerfulness plants. This maturation would thief to limit nan costs of building caller upwind and star farms and state plants.

And because virtual powerfulness plants are located wherever energy is consumed, they’ll easiness nan load connected aging transmission systems that person struggled to adhd caller lines.

Virtual powerfulness plants are much resilient against work outages than large, centralized generating stations because they administer power resources crossed ample areas.

New roles for powerfulness customers

Virtual powerfulness plants scramble nan roles of energy producers and consumers. Traditional powerfulness plants make energy astatine cardinal locations and transmit it on powerfulness lines to consumers. For nan grid to function, proviso and request must beryllium precisely balanced astatine each times.

Customer request is typically assumed to beryllium a fixed that fluctuates pinch nan upwind but follows a reasonably predictable shape complete nan people of a day. To fulfill it, grid operators dispatch a operation of baseload sources that run continuously, specified arsenic ember and atomic plants, and much elastic sources specified arsenic state and hydropower that tin modulate their output quickly arsenic needed.

Output from upwind and solar farms rises and falls during nan day, truthful different sources must run much flexibly to support proviso and request balanced. Still, nan basal thought is that monolithic accommodation nutrient powerfulness for millions of passive consumers.

Virtual powerfulness plants upend this exemplary by embracing nan truth that consumers tin power their energy demand. Industrial consumers person agelong found ways to flex their operations, limiting request erstwhile powerfulness supplies are tight successful return for incentives aliases discounted rates.

Now, thermostats and water heaters that pass pinch nan grid tin fto households modulate their request too. For example, smart electrical h2o heaters tin power h2o mostly erstwhile powerfulness is abundant and cheap, and limit request erstwhile powerfulness is scarce.

In Vermont, Green Mountain Power is offering its customers incentives to instal batteries that will supply powerfulness backmost to nan grid erstwhile it’s needed most. In Texas, wherever I live, deadly blackouts successful 2021 highlighted nan value of bolstering our isolated powerfulness grid. Now, utilities present are utilizing Tesla Powerwalls to thief move homes into virtual powerfulness sources. South Australia intends to link 50,000 homes pinch star and batteries to build that country’s largest virtual powerfulness plant.

Virtual power, existent challenges

Virtual powerfulness plants aren’t a panacea. Many customers are reluctant to springiness up moreover impermanent power of their thermostats, aliases person a hold erstwhile charging their electrical car. Some consumers are besides concerned astir nan security and privateness of smart meters. It remains to beryllium seen really galore customers will motion up for these emerging programs and really efficaciously their operators will modulate proviso and demand.

There besides are challenges astatine nan business end. It’s a batch harder to negociate millions of consumers than dozens of powerfulness plants. Virtual powerfulness works operators tin flooded that situation by rewarding customers for allowing them to flex their proviso and request successful a coordinated fashion.

As electricity request rises to meet nan needs of increasing economies and switch fossil fuel-burning cars and furnaces, and reliance connected renewable resources increases, grid managers will request each nan elasticity they tin get to equilibrium nan adaptable output of upwind and star generation. Virtual powerfulness plants could thief reshape electrical power into an manufacture that’s much nimble, businesslike and responsive to changing conditions and customers’ needs.

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