What is Deezer? Features, pricing, and music quality explained

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We’re all accustomed with music-streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. These alive titans are approved and tested, but there are absolutely added out there to accept from. And we accept to ask ourselves: Is there any music banderole that goes the added mile for its listeners, abnormally in agreement of audio affection and alone recommendations? As a amount of fact, there is, and it’s alleged Deezer. 

Deezer has absolutely been about for added than 15 years, and it’s the affectionate of banderole that prioritizes exceptional sound, but at a amount that best of us can blanket our active around. There’s a lot to apperceive about Deezer, so we’ve created this accessible adviser to accord you a solid abstraction of what the belvedere is all about.

What is Deezer?

An artist's folio on the Deezer desktop app.Michael Bizzaco / Digital Trends

Deezer is a agenda music-streaming belvedere that the aggregation claims is home to added than 120 actor songs. Similar to Spotify and Apple Music, Deezer lets you chase for music by song, artist, album, and genre, and it alike includes an algebraic adviser alleged Flow that will alpha to acclaim agreeable to you based on your alert habits (once you’ve favorited 16 advance or more). The Deezer adaptable app is accessible for iOS and Android, and the desktop app can be downloaded for Windows and macOS. You can additionally go anon to Deezer’s site to beck tunes.

Similar to adversary platforms, several Deezer appearance are bound abaft a cable paywall, including a fun apparatus alleged SongCatcher that listens for song lyrics and melodies to acquaint you the name of the clue you’re alert to (similar to Shazam). One of the best genitalia of the Deezer acquaintance is its HiFi library., which boasts FLAC advance that beck at 16-bit 44kHz. That’s appropriate on par with CD quality

How do I use Deezer?

If you’re absorbed in demography Deezer for a spin, the alone things you’ll charge to get started are an internet affiliation and a smartphone and/or a home computer. You’ll aboriginal charge to actualize a Deezer account. We acclaim signing up for the chargeless balloon of Premium if you’d like to acquaintance all the appearance and allowances that Deezer offers, although you’ll accept the advantage to assurance up for the ad-supported chargeless plan, too.

For those of you alert on a PC, you can acceptance the amateur anon through Deezer’s site, but there’s additionally a desktop app you can download for Windows and macOS, alternating with adaptable apps for iOS and Android.

Once you’re active in on Deezer’s site, the top three artists you accept will be displayed at the top of the page. As you annal down, you’ll see assorted subcategories (with options including Made For You, New Releases for You, etc.) that are curated based on the artists you like and your alert habits. The larboard ancillary of the capital dashboard has assorted tabs to clarify agreeable by, including Music, Podcasts, Concerts, Browse, and Favorites. Each awning is able-bodied organized and simple to navigate, with things like brand and artisan tiles laid out in a actual bright fashion. 

The iOS app is aloof as accessible and automatic to use. When you aboriginal barrage it, you’ll be on the Home Screen, which places your three admired artists at the top of the page, with a Discover tab amid below this area. Here is area Deezer curates added artists, albums, and advance based on the favorites you chose and your alert habits. Tap the Explore icon at the basal of the folio to see alike added music and podcast curations, as able-bodied as Deezer’s abounding radio stations and belvedere exclusives (housed beneath Deezer Originals).

Tap the Favorites icon to booty a attending at the playlists, artists, and albums you’ve favorited, as able-bodied as the music and podcasts you’ve downloaded for offline listening. And aftermost but not atomic is the Search icon, which lets you chase for a specific song, artist, etc. by accounting in the chase bar at the top of the page, allocation by genre, or application a affection alleged SongCatcher. This accurate little Shazam about listens for lyrics and melodies to advice you actuate the name of the song you’re attempting to find. 

The acceptable awning on the Deezer desktop app.Michael Bizzaco / Digital Trends

How abundant does Deezer cost?

Deezer offers a few altered cable tiers, as able-bodied as chargeless ad-supported listening. For U.S. subscribers, Deezer Free is accessible for adaptable and desktop platforms. While the absolute library will be at your disposal, your music will occasionally be disconnected by 30-second ads. Mobile admirers will additionally accept to accord with shuffle-only playback and a absolute of six song skips per hour, so alike if you baddest a specific song or artist, Deezer will end up selecting music that sounds agnate to the clue or album you select. 

This confused architecture doesn’t backpack over to desktop Deezer though. While you’ll still accept to accord with ads during songs, you’ll be able to accept to absolute albums after the belvedere blame you against added tracks. You should additionally be able to skip as abounding songs as you’d like. 

Currently, Deezer Premium is $12 per month, but you can try the paid bank for one ages on the house. Premium gives you acceptance to Deezer’s absolute library, as able-bodied as offline downloads, multidevice listening, and HiFi listening. 

Deezer Family is $20 per ages and comes with all the aforementioned allowances as the Premium plan, with the accession of up to six alone alert accounts that can be advance over 13 devices. Then there’s Deezer Student, which is basically the aforementioned affair as Premium, but with a 50% account abatement activated to the plan. And like Premium, both Family and Student subscriptions are chargeless for the aboriginal month.

Podcast categories on the Deezer desktop app.Michael Bizzaco / Digital Trends

What is Deezer’s alive affection like?

Deezer’s music library is divvied up into two above book formats: MP3s and FLAC files for hi-res listening. If you’re application Deezer’s chargeless plan, MP3s are capped at 128Kbps. Under every paid Deezer subscription, MP3 files are capped at 320Kbps, with the advantage to decline to 128Kbps if you’d like (this is advised the “Standard” audio quality, with “Better” actuality the 320Kbps option). 

For all the acute audiophiles of the world, Deezer’s HiFi playback is accessible on assorted devices, and it uses 16-bit FLAC encoding at 1,411Kbps. As ahead mentioned, this is CD affection we’re talking about, which is activity to complete appealing acceptable through a brace of appropriate speakers or headphones.

As far as the antagonism goes, platforms like Tidal and Qobuz absolutely booty things up a notch, with both alms 24-bit FLAC encoded agreeable at up to 192kHz (billed as HiFi Plus and Studio Hi-Res, respectively). That actuality said, a added accidental adviser who still wants best complete from a agenda library should be added than blessed with Deezer’s best output.

While it may be difficult to acquaint the aberration amid chargeless and paid MP3 formats, admirers will absolutely get a big addition in soundstage and all-embracing affection back alert to Deezer’s FLAC-encoded music. For a while, Deezer admirers were additionally able to acquaintance Sony’s 360 Reality Audio through a abstracted app, but this account is no best supported. 

Sonos Era 300Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

Which accessories abutment Deezer?

In accession to iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, Deezer is accordant with several altered acute brands. If you’re active your home with Alexa and Google Assistant, you’ll be able to use Deezer to comedy music through your Echo and Nest speakers and smart displays. Deezer is additionally complete appropriate into the Sonos ecosystem, and is simple to acceptance application the Sonos S2 app. One of the best genitalia of accepting Deezer chip into your acute home is the adeptness to use articulation commands to comedy songs, which is article you’ll be able to do with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Sonos. 

There are additionally a cardinal of car infotainment systems that accept Deezer on board. If your agent supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, BMW, or RockScout, you’ll be able to adore your admired Deezer songs while canoeing bottomward the highway. 

If you’re added about the calm alert experience, you’ll additionally be able to download the Deezer app for Android TV and Roku. A agenda for Xbox users: Deezer afresh discontinued its support for the Deezer Xbox app. Those with it installed can still use it, but it’s not accepting any updates, new features, or abutment from actuality on out.  

An iPhone with the Search area of the Spotify app on it.Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

Is Deezer bigger than added music-streaming platforms?

In a lot of ways, you can anticipate of Deezer as one of the best bourgeois music-streaming platforms. When it comes to user interface, algebraic power, and agreeable variety, there’s affluence to love. And with the account accessible in 185 countries, Deezer’s athenaeum will alone abide to grow. So what happens back you pit Deezer adjoin aggressive platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Qobuz?

Spotify tends to grab the best absorption of all the music streamers, and for acceptable reason. The company’s paid subscriptions are a little bit cheaper than Deezer (Spotify’s alone Premium bank is $11 per month, with its Family plan at $17), its association appearance are a little added engaging, and its music library is a little bigger. And while you won’t acquisition HiFi advance on Spotify appropriate now, this animated annex of audio should be added to the belvedere shortly. 

Apple Music is addition big attention-grabber, with prices appropriate in band with Spotify’s subscriptions at $6 per ages for students, $11 for Individuals, and $17 for its Family plan.

Tidal is addition big platform, and it touts hi-res music formats and an immense library, alternating with video agreeable (which is article Deezer and a few added platforms are missing). Tidal’s affairs alpha at $17 per month.

As for Qobuz, while its library may not be as immense as that of its competitors, you absolutely don’t alike charge a cable to acquirement HiFi music from the service. We additionally mentioned that Qobuz offers some advance in abounding 24-bit FLAC at up to 192kHz, which is appealing abundant the best complete affection you’re activity to get from a agenda platform. 

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