What is the code to the Lizard’s lab in Spider-Man 2?

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Dr. Connors, aka The Lizard, is forced backmost into his reptile authorities aft Kraven injects him pinch his aged serum successful Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This would beryllium bad enough, but he’s besides nan only 1 who knows nan truth astir nan symbiote and really to perchance get it disconnected of Peter. Before that tin happen, you request to way him down and inject him pinch nan cure, and your hunt originates astatine his location successful Queens. While exploring Connors’ home, you observe that he had his ain laboratory built underneath it for his experiments. Naturally, he wanted to support this concealed and put a passcode connected nan entrance. There’s a mini puzzle to uncover nan code, and this isn’t a puzzle you tin skip. Here’s really to unfastened nan lab.

How to unfastened nan Lizard’s lab

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After exploring Connors’ location and uncovering nan sheet to nan lab, you will spot a surface pinch 4 colored panels pinch 1 to 4 dots connected each successful order. Each 1 plays a tone, truthful nan codification is asking you to find nan correct philharmonic tone. The hint present is nan sticker of nan barn connected nan precocious right. If you visited nan baby’s room connected nan precocious floor, you will person heard nan Old MacDonald opus erstwhile interacting pinch a artifact successful nan room. That’s nan reside you request to recreate. The correct bid to property nan keys is 4,4,4,1.

After pressing successful nan code, nan way to nan laboratory will unfastened up and you tin proceed your hunt for The Lizard to hopefully reconstruct him backmost to his quality form.

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All Prowler Stash locations successful Spider-Man 2

Miles checking his telephone successful spider-man 2.

After nan events of Miles Morales, nan Prowler has officially retired by nan clip Marvel's Spider-Man 2 begins. While he can't thief Miles retired successful action anymore, his uncle still has immoderate secrets successful shop for his super-powered nephew. Before he was forced to bent up his hood, Prowler had a bid of assets caches stashed each complete nan city. With him nary longer capable to make usage of them, he tells you really to find and unfastened them to get nan goodies inside. This is 1 of nan champion ways to get your hands connected Rare Tech parts needed for upgrades successful nan game. Let's way down each these hidden Prowler Stashes successful Spider-Man 2.
All Prowler Stash locations

There are 9 full Prowler Stashes successful Spider-Man 2, pinch immoderate locked until you get to definite points successful nan communicative to support you from looting them each astatine once. Once you get close, you will spot a conception of a building, almost ever nan rooftop, glowing successful an outline of nan area wherever nan stash is. Enter and lick nan small puzzle to find and drawback nan rewards. Here is wherever you tin find each stash:

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How to get Hero Tokens successful Spider-Man 2

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Is location immoderate uncertainty that Peter Parker and Miles Morales are heroes by nan clip Spider-Man 2 takes place? As goofy arsenic it sounds, you will still request to beryllium your leader position by earning what are known arsenic Hero Tokens. Just for illustration City Tokens, these are much conceptual objects than existent tokens, but are still required for immoderate of nan higher-level upgrades and unlocks for your devices successful nan game. Still, not each heroic action is deemed worthy of getting you Hero Tokens. If you want to cognize each nan activities to cod arsenic galore arsenic you tin successful Spider-Man 2, we've narrowed down your search.
How to get Hero Tokens

There are plentifulness of options for you to get Hero Tokens, but nan astir businesslike are nan Mysteriums. Also known arsenic Mysterium dev diaries, these unlock aft you meet Mysterio successful nan communicative and past they commencement to populate nan map. There are only 10 of these, and they each dwell of clip tests that rank you based connected time. Earning a golden will get you 2 Hero Tokens, while metallic and bronze grant you conscionable one. So agelong arsenic you're a skilled subordinate and tin get a golden clip successful 1 aliases 2 attempts, this is easy nan fastest method to get these tokens. For one, you evidently person to spell accelerated here, but erstwhile you get a gold, you besides get nan rewards for nan 2 ranks below, truthful each Mysterium is really worthy 4 tokens if you tin maestro it.

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How to unfastened Prowler Stashes successful Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting Kraven and henchmen

The Prowler, aka Miles Morales' uncle, has hung up his hood and retired from his life of crime by nan clip Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Even so, aft a talk pinch Miles, it is revealed that he near rather a fewer stashes of materials astir nan metropolis that, since he is nether location arrest, he can't entree anymore. Rather than fto them spell to waste, you're sent retired to cod these small assets caches to usage for yourself. These are an easy measurement to gain yourself immoderate Rare Tech Parts, but nan Prowler didn't conscionable time off them retired successful nan open. Here is simply a breakdown of really you tin entree Prowler Stashes successful Spider-Man 2.
How to unfastened Prowler Stashes

Once you get into nan area wherever a Prowler Stash is, nan hunt begins. The first measurement is locating nan stash, which is camouflaged, truthful you request to usage your disguise to way it down. By holding down L2, you tin scan nan area and travel nan sounds until you constrictive down nan correct spot. You person to purpose astatine nan correct spot and beryllium adjacent capable to uncover it.

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