What’s new on Apple TV+ this month (November 2023)

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Apple TV+ isn’t nan type of streaming level to beryllium satisfied pinch conscionable a fistful of shows and movies. In fact, if you’ve ever taken a look astatine nan streamer’s immense library, you’d beryllium amazed astatine nan magnitude of titles that person been added since nan work launched successful 2019. This besides intends that choosing a caller bid aliases movie to bask connected Apple TV+ tin beryllium a alternatively difficult endeavor, but that’s wherever we travel in.

Each month, Apple TV+ welcomes caller contented to nan platform. To thief you enactment up to date, we’ve put together this rotating guideline to what’s caller connected Apple TV+. Here’s everything we’re looking guardant to for November, arsenic good arsenic what we’re excited astir down nan line.

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Our apical picks for November

Everything caller connected Apple TV+ successful November

November 2

  • Fingernails

November 8

  • The Buccaneers

November 10

  • For All Mankind

November 17

  • Monarch Legacy of Monsters

November 29

  • Slow Horses (season 3)

Last month’s apical picks

Looking up connected Apple TV+

For All Mankind — Helios Recruitment | Season 4 | Apple TV+

Once Thanksgiving wraps, there’s still plentifulness to look guardant to connected Apple TV+, including a brand-new play of Slow Horses (November 29) and a World War II aviation movie called Masters of nan Air (January 26), which stars Austin Butler and is produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman. We’re besides eagerly awaiting nan level premiere of Martin Scorsese’s latest epic Killers of nan Flower Moon, which is still playing successful theaters nationwide. 

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The champion British TV shows connected Netflix

Princess Diana pinch Prince William and Harry opinionated extracurricular successful a segment from The Crown play 6.

Netflix is known for having tons of overseas connection content, and galore of these bid person go immense successes: retrieve Squid Game, for instance? Shows from different countries extracurricular of North America are making waves, and this includes British TV shows. While these are still successful nan English language, they person a different look, feel, and reside that makes them exciting.

Of course, location are besides U.K.-set shows that aren't needfully British, like Bridgerton and its spinoff Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story but nan shows are really American productions. Nonetheless, Netflix has a wide action of bid that characteristic British actors, are group successful places for illustration London, and travel correct from England. We person rounded up nan champion ones you'll find, from apical shows everyone is talking astir to hidden gems.

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The champion movies connected Amazon Prime Video (October 2023)

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For nan last play of October, Amazon Prime Video has added 1 of nan champion movies of 2021: Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza. It's a movie that didn't bring successful blockbuster numbers astatine nan office, but Licorice Pizza now has nan chance to find a wider assemblage connected Prime Video. Bizarrely, nan different salient caller summation this week is The Breach, a scary movie that fewer had apt moreover heard of earlier it entered Prime Video's apical 10 astir celebrated movies.

Finding something new connected Prime Video tin beryllium a situation because Amazon tends to beforehand its ain original movies complete nan things that we really want to see. It took months earlier Prime Video stopped pushing Air connected nan location page. Regardless, it's our calling to pore complete Prime Video's films successful bid to bring you our play update of nan champion movies connected Amazon Prime Video. All you person to do is cheque backmost pinch america each Friday present astatine Digital Trends.

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One of nan champion things astir subscribing to Netflix is that moreover successful nan quiet weeks, there's ever thing caller to watch. This week, successful nan absence of a large scripted bid like The Fall of nan House of Usher, location are 2 documentaries dominating nan apical spots of nan astir celebrated shows connected Netflix. The first is Get Gotti, a documentary astir crime leader John Gotti. And nan 2nd is Life connected Our Planet, an unexpected look backmost astatine nan prehistory of nan world.

Keeping up with everything caller connected Netflix tin beryllium a situation because nan streamer tends to driblet galore shows passim nan month, sometimes pinch small to nary promotion. It's our occupation to trim done nan clutter and thief you find the champion shows connected Netflix correct now. Everything you request to cognize is below.

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