WhatsApp now lets you send self-destructing voice messages

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If you’re on WhatsApp and consistently accomplish use of the view once affection for photo and video messages, again you ability be absorbed to apprentice that the affection has now been broadcast to articulation messages.

WhatsApp’s view once affection does what it says, deleting a bulletin afterwards it’s been beheld a distinct time. It’s been accessible for photos and videos back 2021, but now you can additionally accelerate articulation letters that can alone be played already afore they, too, abandon from the app.

WhatsApp appear the self-destructing articulation letters affection in a column on amusing media on Thursday:

say it once, comedy it already ☝️ now you can baddest “view once” back sending a articulation agenda for an added band of aegis 🔓 pic.twitter.com/xVWcuBLfI4

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) December 7, 2023

It’s accessible to use the view once feature. For articulation messages, artlessly almanac the audio by acute and captivation the mic on the WhatsApp display. Next, baddest the “1” central the amphitheater and again send.

There’ll be a deluge of affidavit why you ability appetite to accelerate a bulletin that can alone be beheld or listened to once. It may be important claimed advice or a altercation of a acute topic, and therefore, for accord of mind, you’d adopt if it was deleted anon afterwards actuality beheld or listened to.

But be acquainted that while the photo, video, or audio agreeable will abandon from the app afterwards it’s been accessed a distinct time, the receiver can, if they wish, accomplish a abiding almanac of it application assorted methods such as a screenshot or awning recording, or by application a camera or an audio recorder. On its website, WhatsApp tells users to “only accelerate view once photos, videos, or articulation letters to bodies you trust.”

The new view once affection for articulation letters is rolling out to all users in the advancing days, so it may booty a little while afore it alcove your device.

WhatsApp launched in 2009 afore actuality acquired by Facebook, now accepted as Meta, in 2014 for $19 billion. It has back developed to become one of the best accepted messaging apps in the world, though not anybody is a fan of it.

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