WhatsApp's new Secret Code feature hides your locked chats

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WhatsApp has alien a new Secret Code affection that allows users to adumbrate their bound chats by ambience a custom password.

After it alcove your device, you can set a cipher (which can additionally accommodate emojis) accurately for accepting bound chats absolute from the accessory alleviate code.

This new affection helps adumbrate the Locked Chats binder from the babble account and acknowledge it afresh by entering the abstruse cipher in the chase bar for accessible access.

Alternatively, you'll additionally accept the advantage to accumulate the binder in the babble list. The action of locking chats has additionally been streamlined, as it now uses a long-press action, eliminating the charge to cross through babble settings.

"Today we're ablution abstruse code, an added way to assure those chats and accomplish them harder to acquisition if addition has acceptance to your buzz or you allotment a buzz with addition else," WhatsApp said on Thursday.

"Secret cipher starts rolling out today, and in the advancing months will be accessible globally. We're aflame to accumulate bringing added functions to Chat Lock to advice bodies assure their privacy."

Locked chats abstruse codeLocked chats abstruse cipher (WhatsApp)

​WhatsApp started rolling out its new Chat Lock aloofness feature globally to advice users block crooked acceptance to acute conversations in May.

Users can apply Chat Lock to actualize a anchored binder in their babble list, adequate by passwords or biometric affidavit methods such as fingerprints.

Additionally, Chat Lock automatically conceals bound babble capacity from notifications, bigger disappointment others' attempts to busybody into your conversations while application the phone.

"We accept this affection will be abundant for bodies who allotment their phones from time to time with a ancestors member, or in moments area addition abroad is captivation your buzz at the exact moment an extra-special babble arrives," the aggregation said.

Seven years ago, WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption and began rolling out end-to-end encrypted babble backups to iOS and Android bristles years later, in October 2021.

In December of the aforementioned year, WhatsApp broadcast aloofness controls by adding abutment for absence dematerialization messages to all anew accomplished chats.

According to Meta, the ancestor aggregation of WhatsApp, the video calling and burning messaging belvedere is currently acclimated by added than two billion bodies above the globe