Where is Santa right now? These trackers will tell you

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Trevor Mogg

By Trevor Mogg December 24, 2023 5:20PM

Santa Claus delivering presents.Google / Google

Santa’s dusted disconnected his reddish suit, fixed his beard a trim, and jumped aboard his sleigh for different twelvemonth of selfless gift-giving.

Thanks to nan wonders of nan net and outer technology, it’s agelong been imaginable to way Santa’s real-time location arsenic he makes his measurement astir nan world, sliding up and down chimneys, dropping disconnected presents, and consuming copious quantities of beverage on pinch an eye-popping number of cookies.

Google’s Santa Tracker is simply a perennial favourite among those keen to travel Santa’s advancement connected December 24. At nan clip of writing, Santa is tootling astir Europe, a continent wherever each of nan children are presently sound dormant (though perchance pinch 1 oculus unfastened arsenic they effort to drawback a glimpse of Santa’s fleeting visit).

Google’s Santa Tracker is available connected nan web and lets you spot Santa’s way history connected a world representation and astatine nan aforesaid clip reveals nan adjacent extremity connected his list. It besides provides links to inheritance accusation connected upcoming stops, enabling you to study much astir nan world’s cities successful conscionable a fewer clicks. Google’s locator besides offers immoderate stats connected nan region traveled truthful far, and a real-time count connected really galore gifts he’s delivered.

Another celebrated locator comes from nan North American Aerospace Defense Command, amended known arsenic NORAD.

NORAD is simply a binational U.S. and Canadian cognition that monitors nan region’s airspace for incursions by unwelcome visitors (don’t worry, Santa is very overmuch connected nan “OK” list).

You tin cheque retired NORAD’s locator on nan web aliases via mobile apps for Android and iOS. It cal besides beryllium accessed via its website.

Did you cognize that NORAD’s Santa locator was calved retired of a correction made by a Colorado Springs newspaper connected Christmas Eve successful 1955? A hotline telephone number that gave kids nan opportunity to telephone Santa was misprinted by nan newspaper, showing alternatively nan number for NORAD’s predecessor, nan Continental Aerospace Defense Command.

Suddenly uncovering itself connected nan receiving extremity of a deluge of calls from excited children expecting to speak to Santa, nan operators taking nan calls were bully capable to play along, enthusiastically giving updates connected Santa’s location passim Christmas Eve.

The misprint led to an yearly tradition, pinch nan presence of nan net opening up caller possibilities for nan service.

And it’s still imaginable to telephone 1-877-HI-NORAD connected Christmas Eve for an update connected Santa’s whereabouts.

If you fancy settling down for a Christmas movie aft search Santa, Digital Trends has some awesome ideas for what to watch.

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