Where to find all inventory upgrades in Alan Wake 2

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While nan first Alan Wake crippled certainly had plentifulness of scares and scary successful it, nan mechanics were not arsenic strictly of nan endurance scary variety. Alan Wake 2 has gone afloat successful this direction, however, pinch a overmuch darker tone, disturbing imagery, and restrictive combat mechanics that prolong nan hostility erstwhile The Taken attack.

Aside from constricted ammo, debased health, and reliable enemies to bring down, a cardinal facet of endurance scary games is an inventory system. The first crippled fto you clasp fundamentally arsenic overmuch ammo, batteries, and weapons arsenic you wanted successful each chapter, but nan sequel introduces a grid strategy that will look acquainted to Resident Evil fans. Just for illustration Resident Evil, your inventory starts disconnected rather small, but you tin spot location is plentifulness of abstraction for it to grow. There are circumstantial items hidden successful and astir Bright Falls that tin fto you grow your carrying capacity, but galore are good hidden successful acheronian corners. Here are nan locations of each inventory upgrade successful Alan Wake 2.

All inventory upgrades

An inventory upgrade point successful Alan Wake 2.Remedy Entertainment

There are 4 full upgrade items to find successful Alan Wake 2 dispersed crossed nan various maps, however, they are divided betwixt nan 2 protagonists. Saga tin upgrade her inventory 3 times, while Alan tin only upgrade his once, and he does truthful done a Word of Power alternatively than an item.

Saga inventory upgrades

The first inventory upgrade you tin get successful nan crippled is successful Cauldron Lake, but only connected your 2nd sojourn aft coming backmost from Bright Falls. While exploring nan General Store, a cultist will break done a wall to onslaught you. After taking him down, caput into nan room he opened up and find nan container connected nan level to your right.

Next, you request to hold until you advancement nan communicative further and nan h2o has been drained truthful you tin spell to nan stream conception of nan map. Down this path, you will travel crossed 1 of nan Cultist Stashes. By solving nan mini puzzle and opening it, you will find nan 2nd inventory upgrade among nan loot.

The past inventory upgrade Saga tin get is successful Bright Falls, but you can’t entree it until you get to Return 5 and person nan bolt cutters. Once you person them, spell down Harbor Street and past to nan docks by nan building branded “Fresh Seafood” and usage nan cutters to unfastened nan gate. Tucked backmost successful this area is different Cult Stash pinch a operation lock. Use nan codification 967 to unfastened it and get nan last inventory upgrade.

Alan inventory upgrade

Alan only gets 1 inventory upgrade that, arsenic mentioned, will beryllium tied to a Word of Power alternatively than an item. That said, you request to find and “collect” it successful a akin way.

Once you get to Initiation 5, spell to nan Oceanview Hotel ballroom. Go to nan barroom and radiance your flashlight complete nan barroom to uncover a glyph that unlocks a Word of Stuff. Once you person it, you will person 3 options connected what upgrade to get, pinch Magic Pocket being nan 1 to prime if you want to grow your inventory by an further row.

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Speccing into wellness is your first and apical priority. The main buffs present are nan Amazing, Spectacular, and Ultimate wellness upgrades that each summation your guidelines HP by 10 points. You whitethorn not consciousness wellness is each that basal to buff successful nan early game, but erstwhile you commencement facing bosses and nan late-game grunts who are acold much aggressive, you'll beryllium begging for much wellness astatine each times.

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