Where to find the Safety Ring in Super Mario RPG

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There are a lot of advantageous accessories you can acquisition throughout your adventure in Super Mario RPG, but one that tends to be allotment of about any abundant affair body is the Safety Ring. Whichever appearance you accept to accouter this admired (and almost well-hidden) arena with will be accepted a array of advantageous accoutrement — not atomic of which is aegis adjoin all cachet effects. However, you’ll charge to accomplish it about center through the bold afore you can aces it up, and we’ll acquaint you absolutely area below.

Where to acquisition the Safety Ring

The Safety Ring is amid aural the Sunken Ship. If you’ve already completed this area, you can fast-travel aback to it at any time during your adventure, admitting we’d acclaim accomplishing so eventually rather than later.

Make your way accomplished the password puzzle and the consecutive boss, again abide advanced until you ability a articulation of the address wherein abounding sections are underwater. You can booty the whirlpools actuality to ability the basal level, so do aloof that and abide blame forward.

Safety Ring Super Mario RPGNintendo

Eventually, you’ll ability a allowance that contains a assemblage of barrels in the high -eft corner. Walk abaft these barrels to acquisition a hidden aperture you can canyon through. In this abutting baby allowance is a abundance box you can jump to hit, which will admission you the Safety Ring.

The Safety Ring protects its wearer from all cachet accoutrement and bitter assault while additionally alms accessory bumps to speed, concrete defense, and bewitched defense, authoritative it an abundantly able accent for about any affair setup. We acclaim abrogation it on one affair affiliate at all times, with it actuality conceivably best ill-fitted to a healer like Mallow or Princess Peach.

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