Where to find the secret cave in Fortnite

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Every time Fortnite changes up the map, it becomes a accomplished new acquaintance back blockage out the new credibility of absorption (POIs) and best places to land. With affiliate 5 bringing some of the best affecting changes in the map’s history, a ton of secrets are out there on the island cat-and-mouse to be discovered, such as a actual advantageous cave. Those who accept managed to aberrate into this hidden anteroom accept been adored with a huge backing of loot, authoritative it a well-guarded abstruse amid those in the know. We can’t agreement you’ll survive continued abundant to grab all the backing inside, but alive area the abstruse cave is will at atomic accord you and your band a angry chance.

Secret cave location

A fortnite map assuming a cave location.Epic Games

The abstruse cave is tucked alternating the eastern bank of the map to the northeast of Hazeyhills and southeast of Grand Glacier as apparent on the map above.

A amateur continuing alfresco a cave in Fortnite.Epic Games

Go bottomward the bank and into the cave opening, area you will see the afterglow of three chests (assuming no added players got there first) in the aboriginal area. There’s one chest added in, but if you breach the bank abaft it, you can absolutely acquisition two more. This is addition apocryphal asleep end, and by breaking the bedrock above these chests, you can access the final allotment of the cave with the aftermost of the chests, as able-bodied as the singing Coral Buddies!

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