Where to get a snack for the Frog Sage in Super Mario RPG

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Super Mario RPG has a mostly aboveboard and accessible to chase capital story, so addition out what to do abutting is usually a quick and simple affair. However, anon afterwards finishing up a articulation of your adventitious in Marrymore, Mallow will acknowledgment that you should go aback and allege with his grandfather, Frog Sage, who you can acquisition at Tadpole Pond. However, aloft arriving, you may acquisition that you can’t advance the adventure any added because the Frog Sage is cat-and-mouse for a snack. Luckily, rounding up a appetizing chaw for him won’t booty you actual long, and we’ll acquaint you how to do so below.

The aboriginal footfall in accepting a bite for the Frog Sage is to accessible your map and fast-travel aback to the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon your arrival, arch over to the account shop, which can be articular by the spinning augment on the ancillary of the building.

Mushroom Kingdom Item ShopNintendo

Inside, allege to the shopkeeper and use the Rare Frog Coin (which you acquired from Croco beforehand in the game) to acquirement a Cricket Pie. Since this appetizing bite is absolutely what the Frog Sage had beatific Mallow to retrieve aback back you aboriginal met the little fluffball, you can now booty it aback to the astute frog and accomplish his grandson’s antecedent quest. In acknowledgment for bringing him his food, the Frog Sage will allowance you the Froggy Stick weapon for Mallow and move the capital adventure advanced with a bit of dialogue.

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