Which character should you pick in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

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Each playable personnel in Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League is its ain chopped character. Beyond nan evident ocular differences, there’s a bully magnitude of mechanical differences that make playing arsenic Harley a unsocial acquisition compared to King Shark, for example. If you’re playing unsocial aliases pinch friends, you astir apt will want to attraction connected conscionable 1 personnel of nan squad to study and spell done nan communicative pinch first. Since these “heroes” aren’t each that common, particularly successful nan world of video games, it isn’t instantly evident what type of characteristic each 1 will play like. Between unsocial traversal methods and accomplishment trees to eventual attacks, here’s a breakdown of which characteristic you should pick.

Best characteristic to play arsenic successful Suicide Squad

 Kill nan Justice League.WB Games

No 1 personnel of nan squad is objectively nan best, but rather, each 1 excels successful different methods of combat. While you tin move betwixt characters easily, it is champion to cognize what domiciled each 1 is champion suited for and what to expect jumping into their shoes.

Harley Quinn

Harley is nan easiest to understand if you’re coming from nan past Rocksteady Arkham games. She uses a grappling hook to traverse, which tin beryllium a small awkward to get a consciousness for astatine first, but she is your astir well-rounded character. She uses pistols and SMGs successful conjunction pinch melee attacks and explosives. If you want to play an aggressive, somewhat spongy character, Harley is each astir getting into nan heavy of combat. Her expertise to regen wellness for kills pushes you to perpetually beryllium connected nan offensive.

Captain Boomerang

Using his teleporting boomerang to power nan travel of battle, Captain Boomerang is cleanable for flanking. You will want to play a operation of agelong and short-range pinch him, acknowledgment to his usage of some a sniper and shotgun. You will beryllium rewarded for hit-and-run strategies here, making ample usage of your boomerang’s expertise to get you retired of threat earlier enemies cognize you were there. Once you get into nan travel pinch him, you will move nan battlefield into your individual playground.

King Shark

King Shark is nan astir evident erstwhile it comes to knowing his style. The big, bulky shark-man simply charges up monolithic jumps to get around, and his fishy tegument tin return a ton of abuse. You will beryllium tanking hits arsenic you either unreserved successful to woody powerful melee attacks aliases shrugging disconnected shots arsenic you shred enemies pinch your dense weapons and battle rifles. If you’re not excessively assured astir being capable to dodge and zip astir during a fight, spell pinch nan king.


Also, to beryllium expected, Deadshot is simply a very easy characteristic for group who trim their teeth connected third-person shooters. He tin usage pistols, battle rifles, and snipers, truthful you are ever prepared, and nary of his abilities are terribly confusing aliases require a batch of thought to use. His jetpack makes him a cleanable support characteristic who tin pelt enemies from supra aliases afar without getting into danger. Just retrieve to watch that substance gauge.

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